Thursday, September 1, 2016

Sweetest Sorrow By J.M. Darhower

When I first head J.M. Darhower was writing a follow up to By Any Other Name, I was elated. I didn’t know if we would ever get a follow-up but here we go and this story ended with quite a bang.

Genna ( with a G) and Matty B are star crossed lovers ( so Romeo & Juliette but with a mob twist) that managed to escape their families in a mock death. But of course the story can’t end there it was too many loose ends one being Genna’s brother Dante. He is a loose cannon, walking through the streets of N.Y. with no purpose and a grudge. Let me tell you Dante has been through it: beaten into a coma, loosing almost all his loved ones and trapped in a world with no one to trust. Until ( it’s always an until) he meets Gabby. She is his nurse well really his only hope because nobody wants to get tangled up in mob business where death seems to be the only outcome. Gabby is a firecracker and although she knows that she shouldn’t cross that line with Dante fate has plans of its own.

I loved that the author showed the two couples in a contrasting light. Dante being the person struggling through light and dark. But really who could blame him? He has lost his purpose and that was hate led by Primo. And then you have Matty who wanted no part of this life but Genna proved him wrong. It was interesting to read about both couples because their relationships were vastly different.

Dante’s story was a little hard to take a times. He was surrounded by death and annoyed me because he kept making silly mistakes. Gavin provided a comic relief and his “friendship” with Dante was cute and odd at the same time. Gabby has a little twist to her story and isn’t all who she seems. Now on the flipside you have Genna and Matty who are on the run and trying to figure out their way in life. Genna is still a firecracker and due to her circumstances refuses to be treated like the ice Queen.

I enjoyed this story and how the author not only focuses on the main characters but the lives of the family members who are in the background pulling the strings. Some parts drug along for me. I really wanted Dante to make a plan or at least heed Gabby’s advice. The story ended well but I do wonder what the next step was for them. It kind of ended with Dante making a plan for his next step but what of Gabby? Does she still work or will that be another story? I was surprised at the number of allies that stood up for both the couples even though the families had bad blood. I will say that what you think you know about these families you don’t. J.M. did a great job of shaking things up and keeping the storyline going. I cannot wait to see what’s next. Please judge this book for yourselves and not based on this one review. 

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