Monday, August 22, 2016

The Pursuit of Happiness By D.A. Young

It took me forever to finally sit down and write this review. I guess I didn’t want the book to end and needed a moment to process all that black girl magic D.A. Young was serving up. Ladies this book was everything! The author addressed so many political and social issues that are important today and not only that offers ways we can help in our own community. Sometimes authors can sound overly “preachy” in books but this book it was like she was speaking life. I loved all the pop culture references and the way the author addressed racism and sexism.  (Ok on to this review)

We are back on the row with Casey & Sid. If you are like me you have been waiting impatiently for this story. Sid although her mouth is straight fire is very complicated she has demons from her past that she battles with daily. The problem with demons is that if you don’t confront them they will eat you alive. No one can ever accuse Sid of being a coward but she was hurt very deeply as a child and that has shaped the woman she is today. Now I know her nick name is Sid-vicious but she cares deeply and the only man who can deal with her antics is Casey.

This book made me see Casey in a different light. When this man loves he loves hard but his insecurities of losing Sid can often get the best of him. I loved how the author dug a little deep into both characters past. We got to see a young Sidra & Casey as kids fighting for love and the factors that both shaped them into who they are today. I do wish with Casey’s violent tendencies in this book we would have got to see him grovel a little bit more or take corrective action ( I never did see him atone for his behavior). For me the story was kind of overshadowed by the “secret” Sidra carried (and all the players) e.g. her mom/dad but the issue with Dom and Casey when did they get cool and how did it come about? I would have loved to see how that wrapped up and more on the wedding.

 Like all the authors stories we get to catch up with our favorite characters and let me tell you Lex & Viv were the break out stars in this book for me. I cannot wait to hear more about this imposing threat and how these two even came about. Ella is another play that slowly came to the forefront of this book. I believe she has more of a story to tell and her past won’t be so pretty as well.

I think this book was a little more action packed than the last with Sidra’s past and the characters who make a play to destroy her happiness. This story had a few twists and turns that I did not see coming. One thing I give the author kudos for is the family tree in the beginning of the book. Because this story dealt with some heavy issues Sidra’s mother was a great comic relief.

D.A. Young has done it again by serving all this realness in her latest instalment. I previously mentioned that this book was a little different than the others and I loved that the author dug deeper and produced something that was touching and eye opening. You have a fan in me D.A. Young I cannot wait for the next book. I highly recommend this series. Please judge this book for yourselves and not based on this one review.