Monday, March 7, 2016

Beta Readers vs. Editors

Lately I have seen a trend of authors using beta readers as editors. I don’t know if this is to take out the middle man or it’s an issue of pay. In my opinion the two are very different and serve different purposes the same with readers who receive arcs. They are all very distinct roles. I have a friend who recently became an editor. By this I meant took classes and has plenty experience beta reading in which she was essentially editing without getting paid. So below I have listed a few definitions provided by google.  

Beta reader:  are not explicitly proofreaders or editors, but can serve in that context. Elements highlighted by beta readers encompass things such as plot holes, problems with continuity, characterization or believably; in fiction and non-fiction, the beta might also assist the author with fact-checking.

Editor: a person having managerial and sometimes policy-making responsibility related to the writing, compilation, and revision of content for a publishing firm or for a newspaper, magazine, or other publication.

Now this definition is subjective an editor for the purpose I am using it for which is for authors who are mainly self-published answer to the author. This means that yes a work or publication may have an editor but the author has the final say.

My issue comes in and please let me know your thoughts on this is that I have also seen authors use these small time editors ( much like themselves Indie trying to make a name for themselves) and then present the book to a publishing house. Let me go deeper there is nothing wrong with paying for a service and try to come up. But don’t use these small time editors for service cheat them in not only payments but a simple thank you. I know its business and a thank you isn’t necessarily needed but don’t cheat me and then present your work as this is all you when you got help and someone to help you write the body of work. I don’t understand the level of shadeness with these authors lately. You want to whine and complain about reviews and other authors but you yourself contribute to this foolishness?

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