Thursday, February 25, 2016

Target On Our Back By J.M. Darhower

In the words of Drake:

I know when that hotline bling
That can only mean one thing
(Once you read the story you will get the reference)

Naz is back and he is working on being a changed man for Karissa. But you know what they say about leopards and all. A man like Naz can’t stay out for long especially when new enemy’s surface and they strike a little too close for home. One of the things I loved is that we got to know more about Naz’s past and the relationship with his father. When all you know is the business how do you move forward?


I was really hoping that she wouldn’t be as na├»ve but I guess that’s a part of her charm. I felt she was too trusting. i.e. a random stranger sits with her in a restaurant and she starts revealing things she never even told her best friend. In the words of Naz, “huh?” I understand she is a college student and granted she showed it. I guess I wanted more insight or more on their relationship as a married couple. I thought sadly they were boring they never really went anywhere. Even the love scenes were a little lackluster. And Naz?! Some of his character changes like the Drake ring tone was a little funny.

What I did love is the introduction of a few new characters like Scar and his family. The way that ended hopefully the author will give Melody & Leo a story. The epilogue was great. I just felt that Naz & Karissa relationship was a little dry it didn’t have the same spark in the first book sadly. This is just the opinion of one reviewer. Please judge this book for yourselves.  

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