Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Open Wounds By: Twyla Turner

Sloan & Lexi are back on Twyla Turner’s much anticipated sequel Open Wounds. If you haven’t read book one yet I suggest you do. This book takes place where the last book left off almost like the next scene or day later. When I tell you that this author can write a soul touching book trust you will not be disappointed.

Lexi goodness I don’t even know where to begin her character is so complex. She is struggling with some very emotional issues. i.e. her last relationship was abusive and the demons of her traumatic and haunting past. Here is the low down her father was abusive toward her mother and one day killed the mother and then himself all in front of a young Lexi. (Don’t worry readers I didn’t give anything away this book is so deep that that little tidbit is just the tip of the iceberg) Dealing with all of that she had to endure it’s no wonder she has a hard time opening a heart to love and just life.

Now on to Sloan! He is just what some would call a book boyfriend. Now don’t get me wrong he is a man with problems such as ptsd. He is an ex-soldier struggling like Lexi to find happiness. But it doesn’t come easy for either of them. Threats and secrets from the past come to the surface in this sequel can these two find their happily ever after?

This book is such an emotional read full of deception, and just raw emotion. The reader gets a real look into these two issues like Lexi’s issues with self-mutilation when she feels threatened or goes into a dark place. I can’t even begin to describe all that this book has touched on just that you should definitely one click.  And the way this books ends!!! Goodness. All I know is that the author has stated she will not keep us waiting long for the next book. One thing that I did have an issue with was the grammar issues in this book but the story is so striking that I overlooked a lot of it. Please judge this book for yourselves and not based on this one review.

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