Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Again For The First Time By: Raven St.Pierre & La Kata Kling

It all started off with a question.

Will you marry me?

Lissette: Losing her job and focusing on her “craft” Lissette finds herself in despair. The bills are piling up, her boyfriend has dumped her due to circumstances she can’t control. To top it all off she sees her ex and his new beautiful fiancé and has to lean on them for a ride. Could her life get any worse?

Luke: A man with a few demons of his own and a recurring past relationship has been living his life in limbo for a few years. A mounting debt and a brother who considers himself the next big director, Luke finds himself in a situation that just may change his life.

The Question:

Matt (the brother) has an idea for a social experiment/documentary. Comparing the lives of two married couples one of his douche bag brother Nick and his fiancé Mel who have been engaged over time and are now getting married. And that of a newly engaged couple who don’t know each other but decide to get married almost an arranged marriage of sorts.  

Luke strikes out asking woman after woman this one not so simple question until he meets Lissette. Broken, alone and just tired she say yes much to Luke’s surprise. Fast forward because this is a very long story they get married. The actual wedding was comical and both families dealt with this quickie wedding in their own way. I will say that Lissette family was very involved in her life so much that she seeks their approval a little too much. This story struck me as Y.A. (young adult) both characters just seemed very young and made foolish mistakes. But fools do rush in!

As a reader I thought too much attention was given to Luke and his ex. Cat versus the building relationship with him and his wife. Lissette shared everything with him painful details about her past and condition yet he withheld much from her like his relationship with his ex. Luke seemed very indecisive and a bit weak at times. The hospital scene for me was a deal breaker he constantly put his wife last until she gave him no choice but to put her first. This book was a little slow moving and had too many unnecessary details. Some things should have been explored more than others. For instance the situation between Lissette and Cat could have been explored more instead Lissette draws within herself and the scene is dismissed.

Because of her past Lissette is a little insecure. She ignored a lot of stuff with Luke with the reasoning of, “He’s mine.”  She just wanted to be happy. But you can be happy with someone and still not have joy. This book although slow at times is packed with emotional drama. Everything does eventually become full circle. When the truth finally came out Lissette mentions that she felt like an outsider I would have thought she would have felt betrayed. After all her husband has shared her private details with the very woman who has caused her trauma and untold pain and his only reasoning is that Cat lost so much. I was waiting for Luke to show his love for Lissette and stand up for her. The back and forth with Cat was a little annoying it took up too much of the story but I suppose she plays a major part in this story as the antagonist. I do like that the story is told from dual p.o.v.’s that way the reader gets to see how decisions made in this relationship effect both parties. One of the things I loved about this story was the epilogue. I liked that this story explored the topics of what if’s. I await Matt and Brooklyn’s story next. Please judge this book for yourself and not based on this one review.

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