Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Summer Reading List

During the summer I always try to compile a list of books to read, not that it would be hard my t.b.r. list is ridiculous. I find it so much easier during the Summer to catch up on everything especially t.v. shows. The kids are out of school, work is slowing down so what's better then the beach and a good read? Problem is I have yet to compile this list and I desperately want to read something good doesn't have to be heavy after all you want something light and fun for the beach. My questions is: What's on your Summer Reading List????


  1. I would recommend the Judith Smith-Levin Starletta Duvall series. They are murder mysteries featuring an African American woman detective and they are so good! Unfortunately, they are only available in paperback, but so worth getting!I try to do reading lists, but I never stick to them!

    1. Thanks Monica! I dont mind reading a paperback especially at the beach less of a glare lol