Friday, February 3, 2017

Badge of Honor By S.K. Hardy

Celebration of Love Day 2: S.K. Hardy's New Release Badge of Honor; If you loved Angel from this author's previous book's you will love Rico. 


After she manages to get out of a violent and tumultuous marriage to one of the most dangerous men in D.C., Sage is finally ready to live again. She only married Ice Lopez to save her sister, but now that she's out of her ex-husband's cruel clutches, she doesn't plan on ever looking back.

Ice, however, has different plans. No one walks away from him until he is ready for them to go. Women are no more than possessions to him. Especially Sage. He comes up with a scheme to get her back, and to do this, he calls in a payment on a debt from Roderick "Rico" Vaughn.

When they were younger, Rico was Ice's right hand man in the drug world. His second in command. Fast forward fifteen years, and Rico is a well respected detective on the D.C. police force. Even though he's taken a vow to protect and serve the badge of honor he wears with pride, he agrees to help Ice this one last time. But Rico isn't doing it for Ice.

Years ago, he and Sage shared a love that defied the odds. He'll do anything within his power to keep her safe from Ice-even if it means breaking her heart again to do it. 

Will Sage and Rico find a way to start over and live the life they've been cheated out of for so long? Or will the price they have to pay to extricate themselves from the long arm of Ice's reach prove too high a sacrifice?

BADGE OF HONOR: Sage & Rico is a fast paced, drama filled, erotic romance. Strong language and sexual situations are not suitable for anyone under 18.

The characters in BADGE OF HONOR: Sage & Rico were briefly introduced in BEING BARRON 3: Taylor & Max. However, it is a stand alone book.

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