Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Second Chances By D.A. Young

Second Chances by D.A. Young is a story of growth and redemption. One of the things I loved about this story is that no matter how many skeletons the characters had in their closet it was always someone who stood by them with love and without judgement. Compared to the authors other series this story for me was a little more sensual and focused more on the intimacy aspect. Not to say that this story lacked heat because believe me the love scenes are plenty but the focus was more on the growth of each character and the emotions we all go through to become whole again.

Ella the infamous assistant with a nice left hook is a woman with one heck of an emotional past. She has secrets that impact those around her but because of who her family is appearances must be kept up. Feeling suffocated by all the turmoil around her Ella leaves and starts over fresh. But when she finally decides to come back home she didn’t plan on finding love and peace again.

Wyatt the hottie with the man bun is just the man to break down all the barriers Ella has put up. But what happens when the man you are falling for has just as many secrets as you do and his past comes to confront him as well? Since Ella’s abrupt leave of the cove she has closed her heart off to all those around her. Trusting is hard when those who you trusted the most have betrayed you. Sometimes meeting someone to share in your pain is just enough to bring you out.

In true D.A. Young fashion you have a list of well-developed characters who have a story as well. I mean come on the title only implies you are getting a story about multiple people. Ella’s friends are very intriguing and they add to the emotional aspect of the story. I loved the flashback scenes from how each character started and how far they have come. Even though Wyatt is very attractive Ella does make him work for it. She tries to push him off at every turn but each time he comes back for more. Wyatt won’t allow Ella to give up on them and is willing to fight for her and every friend who threatens him as well. Ella’s friends: Fallon, Divina, Zay and Charlotte are a very colorful bunch. You really feel like as a reader you have at least one friend like these characters. This book had a few twist and turns I didn’t expect that kept the story going. I will say that this book read like a soap opera bouncing between the different storylines and each story was better than the next. I know this author always has a list of characters but I do appreciate that she has a breakdown of each character so readers don’t get confused. All in all this was a good read and I would recommend it. Please judge this book for yourselves and not based on this one review. 

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