Monday, October 17, 2016

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Ok I cannot lie I have been so slack!!!! I finally got my internet back up and instead of writing reviews I have been catching up on shows and resting. Not to make any excuses but in my line of work mental health is essential and taking a time out is much needed.

I know authors depend on reviews and I promise I am going to get back to doing what I do. But I have to give a shout out to Author D.A. Young ( I haven't forgotten about you). Her latest book A Circle of Friends is a great mix of a coming of age story and hot romance!! Let me tell you this lady knows how to tell a story with well developed characters. I always say this but I cannot wait to read the next story from her.

So one of the things that I love to do is to read other peoples reviews. I know some other reviewers will say that they don't read reviews they just post. But I live for reviews!!! I think they are very telling. I say that to say that just recently a book dropped from a well known IR author and all of the reviews I saw at the time either 5 or 1 star said nothing about the book but the upload issues on Amazon. The one star reviews were complaints because the book didn't upload. That's not a review for the book BUT one for Amazon. So in defense the authors fans posted five star reviews stating that yes it was upload issues but don't rate a book before you read it. Now I do agree that Amazon shouldn't allow people to post reviews until they read the story. But the 5 star reviewers stated they didn't read the story either but that the author was great. So I am confused!!! You mad about people reviewing without reading story  but you are doing the same thing just in favor of the author?! Amazon has got to do a better job at policing these reviews. As many times as they remove my reviews or wont post them I am shocked that they allow that mess with the non-reviews to continue. I was going to be a little petty and state some other mess I recently witnessed about some of these authors and the whole issue of publishing on the same day and the drama behind that. BUT I won't go there but I will love to see how it all plays out.

**On another note this is political season so people don't forget to vote or register to vote.**



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