Monday, June 20, 2016

Catching Up with CoCo

I have been on a little hiatus. School is out and I can finally get to my summer reading list! I love to review but it becomes daunting at times. Sometimes I just want to read a book and discuss with friends. I know reviews help authors but as a blogger who does review you can get burned out really quickly. And now with Amazon playing games with many of my reviews I just stopped doing it all together. I would post a review for an author and Amazon would come up with some lame excuse of how my review "violated" the rules. Of course I challenged this and the next day the review would be up. But this is an annoyance especially when you have arcs and authors are wanting to see the review posted. I dont know what can be done about this. All I can say is that buying the books shows support as well. Since I am on break I have challenged myself to finally put some reviews up. I have discovered many great authors and found myself rereading books I haven't ever reviewed ( slack I know).

I was in a book funk but let me tell you the funk has been lifted!!!! I recently discovered D.A. Young and let me tell you this author is the truth. I love her way of storytelling and the fact that its a series that builds off the next story. Oh and the fact that you dont have to wait long for the next book to be released. One of my favorite authors Aleatha Romig has a new thriller out. I seriously read this book in one night and look forward to the follow-up. And how could I forget Danielle Allen? Her new book is a great romance especially for a beach day. Reviews will be coming soon on all these books and more!

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