Thursday, December 3, 2015

Upcoming Posts

So while I haven't been posting  (reviews) as much I have been reading and taking notes. This upcoming week and for the month of December I will be posting a few reviews, author spotlights, and of course a few opinion pieces.

Because December is a month of giving I am going to start giving people a free "reading" lessons. I have witnessed so much foolishness on Amazon, Goodreads and other social media outlets its ridiculous. But a word for the wise for those who have challenged my opinions/ reviews ( which is just one person thoughts on something not the gospel)

Seriously people its book reviews and just because someone didn't find it their cup of tea doesn't mean others won't enjoy it. I will say all my reviews come from a place of help and just me sharing thoughts on different books. I am always a lady and stand by everything I have said in reviews. ( Stay tuned like I said more reviews, and posts that will ruffle a few feathers are sure to come).

Author Spotlights:

Author E Harper Milam

Book Reviews:

Mallory Monroe : (Mob Boss Series)

J A Huss: Eighteen 18