Thursday, December 24, 2015

A Love Like No Other: The Finale By Embue

It’s hard to put a series to rest. You feel like you have grown with the characters heck sometimes I feel like I am a part of the family. But sometimes you just know when the end is near. I especially love when authors give all the characters an h.e.a. Author Loretta Walls ( Embue) No Other Love series has finally come to an end but not without drama, laughs and some grown up loving. I will offer just a little disclaimer if you haven’t read the other books in the series before starting the book you must. This series is almost like an anthology a continuation and building upon all the characters in each of the eight books. This last book A Love Like No Other ( The Finale) although the focus is on characters Fletcher and Kidada ( I really need to ask the author how you pronounce that one) the book is very episodic in which it focuses on all the characters from her previous books. As a reader I felt like it was a soap opera all in one book i.e. for those of you who are familiar with Arden “the diva” she makes an appearance and let’s just say Ari knows how to put her in her place.

Now for the finale…..

Kidada has left her husband and position as first lady of her church in Stony Creek County ( I will say the way these church folk get down it almost felt cult like) But I digress. Her husband Pastor Cecil needs his own episode on that Iyanla show that appears on OWN. I was shocked at all the drama surrounding that relationship. Needless to say she leaves her husband and because of his extra sexual activity she has put a wall up around her when it comes to men. And wouldn’t you know Fletcher is just the man for the job. I loved that he was a blue collar brother and that their relationship took time to develop. Although I will say reading this book with so many characters I felt like in the beginning of the book it should have been some sort of chart. It was a lot to take in at times. I think that a time frame was needed because in one moment Kidada was working cleaning bathrooms and the next it was a year later. And the Arden vs. Ari thing I wish it was a little more build up with that scandal. This was a great finale and getting to catch up with all the characters was great. Let me say that although they are all married with kids they have the most going on and just enough to keep readers intrigued. Over the holiday break readers check this book out. As always please judge this book for yourselves and not based on this one review. 

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