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ricochet:( A Romantic Suspense Novelette) By allyn lesley

Novel                          ricochet: A Romantic Suspense Novelette
Genre                         Romantic Suspense
Release Date             November 18, 2015   


allyn lesley writes real stories about real people. 

As a teen, allyn lost herself in the pages of some of Romance’s heavyweights, trusting that a happy ever after was just around the corner. In allyn’s own writing journey, as in life, she’s learned that people don’t always experience recovery and restoration after a fall. Her stories speak to the gritty side of life where the right choice isn't always easily identified and happiness not quickly gained.


What happens when your past comes back to haunt you...and seduce you?

After committing the unthinkable, the unforgivable, Tony Salvai relocates to paradise to reinvent himself and let go of the man he once was. But after one unforgettable night with a sultry and tantalizing redhead, he realizes that he can't hide from his sins—they always find a way back.

Out for vengeance, Red searches for the one man who ruined her life. She's got an agenda and a bullet with his name on it. But when she finally faces off against her sexy and remorseful enemy, will sparks fly or bullets ricochet? 




“Who are you?”

“The new hire.” She swiped the dishrag on top of the worn, brown countertop, and didn’t look like she’d be offering up any more information.

If she knew me in my heyday, that’d never been her response. He raked her form up, down, then up again while he tried to decide if she were old enough to be inside a bar. Her hair was the color of a strong glass of cognac. The sides were short and neat, giving the air of a responsible adult. But the front had an ‘I don’t give a shit’ tousled effect that made him wonder again if she was legal. The style made her oval face more interesting than it really was, but when his gaze flitted over her high cheekbones and past her feline-shaped eyes that were the color of molten pewter, he concluded she was attractive, in a strange sort of way. And he liked the way her pointy chin stuck up in the air with defiance, or maybe it was confidence.

“Are you done eye-fucking me or do you need another minute, old man?” the bartender asked. Her question was matter-of-fact, and didn’t hold a lick of reprimand in it.

I like her. “The name’s Tony and I’ll be taking another minute.”

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Another Life. Another Place…..

First let me say that this is a novelette it’s a short read that packs a lot in. When I first read the title I automatically thought of the movie. You know the one with Denzel in his glory days? But I digress.

(I will like the book flip-flop between the characters names for the purpose of showing who they were and are and how the two coincide)

Tony Salvai was an enforcer like any made guy he was looking for a way to move up. Although very good at what he does a man can’t knock heads together forever.  There is a shift within the organization he has a way to finally move up in ranks as the underboss but not without completing one last job. They say there is no honor among thieves. Tony’s last job puts him to the test what do you do when the last thing you expected comes back to haunt you?

Red is fiery, feisty and holds no punches. (hence the name) She is noncommittal and not much bothers her. Tony sees her as a sexy challenge. These two share a friendly banter that makes you laugh on one hand and on the other the sexual tension is through the roof. I wanted to say just do it already! I felt like these characters lacked something. I don’t know if it’s because it was a short read and I always want more from short reads. One second they are having a fling, and she disappears and the next moment the tables turn. I did like in the beginning that is was straight action from the start and then between the re-introduction of the two main characters the book slowed down with the day to day conversation. We learn more about her past and how she is connected to Tony but it was almost glossed over and I thought more details about how she came about was needed.

Once you get out they pull you back in….

Tony (Ace) he has done somethings in his life he regrets. No longer willing to be the man he once was Cam escapes but when the bosses come calling he has no choice.

It started with a picture and then all the chips fell into place. Red (Cam) can’t let go of those who have wronged her seeking her revenge she vows to destroy all those who have wronged her. Sometimes plans don’t fall into place and when they don’t you have to come up with a plan B. I enjoyed the fact that these two have a shared past that the other doesn’t know about. But I just didn’t feel the connection between the two. When the secret came out I was confused. One moment it was a sex scene the next other characters are appearing and the book is ending way too soon. More connection was needed for me. Don’t get me wrong the concept was good, editing on point, but the book needed more details. I just felt like I was reading a bit of a preview. I hope Allyn considers turning this book into a full length novel because I know there is more of a story to be told with these great characters. If you are looking for a quick, suspenseful book don’t hesitate to one click Ricochet. Please don’t judge this book based on this one review but for yourselves. 

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