Friday, July 24, 2015

Where Are All The Good Reads?

Paula Cole used to have this song out called, "where have all the cowboys gone?" I feel that way about books  now. Where have all the good books gone? I am in such a reading dry spell. I don’t know what it is but not much is grabbing my attention.( or it could be that the market is flooded with a bunch of non-writers just cashing in). Most titles are alpha this, stepbrother that, or a series that has no follow-up in sight. I know, I know that writing is hard work. I mean I just have a blog and a work life and it’s hard for me to post reviews daily so I cant imagine writing a book. But when you post more on your FB status and go into detail about all the drama in your life why can’t you devote more time to writing? I have said this plenty a times but FB will make you dislike people. I know it’s a social network but one cant be mad when readers comment on your private affairs that you have made public?

So please Twitter, bloggers, Facebookers if you have any reading suggestions tag me, inbox me I read across genres and am looking for a stimulating read.

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