Monday, July 27, 2015

Dipping Into Sin By DJ Parker

So everyone knows that I love discovering new authors and new reads it was suggested that I read this book, “Dipping Into Sin.” I have heard mixed reviews about this book. I think reviews good or bad you can learn something from them. Well this book was a mix up for me.

Simone new to the city is in for a wild of her life. Taking a chance to let her hair down with newly proclaimed best friend Victoria she meets Andriano a man like no other. These two are immediately drawn to each other. Dangerous and very sexy Andriano claims Simone as his own and from there the story begins.

For me Simone although she claimed her mother was very submissive when it came to men was like her mother in many ways. All this man had to do was perform some sort of sexual act and she was putty in his hands. I really didn’t understand why they were together. It was more lust than anything. She was a virgin of course but I didn’t get that from her behavior i.e. they first meet and she allows him to touch her and the next time just take her. Although she tells him she isn’t his toy and will not be used for her body she lets him. Now don’t get me wrong they actually do date but a lot of that happens off the pages but one thing we do get as readers is a bunch of sex scenes. I would have liked to read more about the development of their relationship instead of the story skipping in time. One moment it was a month, then 3 ½ months and then 5 years have passed.

This story left me with more questions than anything a lot didn’t really make sense. After the Jacob club scene he still continues to work for Andriano. Huh? He's the boss of bosses but didn't look for her for 5 years? Someone knows where she is they sent the pictures. How did she keep the secret hidden? Was there a beta reader because this book has so many clichés she's a virgin he supposedly he is an alpha male but really a douchebag. The whole I'm done but use my body thing was annoying. This book has potential but so many loose ends.

I would for once like to see a strong female character not pinning away for a married man who has 3 kept women on the side. You mean after 5 years she is still waiting for a man that only comes for you when he sees you by chance at a funeral? Things were thrown in like Victoria the cousins that were never really explored or fleshed out. i.e. the “forgiveness letter.” The fight at the hospital was the realness I was looking for in the story.  And that was sort of ruined with the line this is what you do to me?  Make you hard?  Is that a turn on?! That's physical. The author wants readers to believe that this is a true love for him but so far it seems only physical with his actions. Hopefully in the second book readers will get some sort of finality and this not be carried on to a third book. Although this book had some issues for me overall it wasn’t that bad. Pease judge this book for yourselves and not based on this one review.

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