Friday, May 1, 2015

Total Eclipse By: S.K. Hardy

Meet The Author:
SK is a Louisiana native who has written internet short stories since 2009. In 2011, she published her first novel and began her odyssey into the literary world.

SK's erotic novels are full of drama, romance, and unbelievable twists that will engage all five of your senses - they're just that potent. As one reader puts it, SK's books are like an "erotic journey" that you want to "savor in delicious, little bites." She allows you to live vicariously through her work and experience your deepest, most private fantasies while sitting on the edge of your seat anticipating what will happen next.

SK has just gotten started. Take a chance and jump on this ride - if you dare.
S.K. Hardy is back with her last installment in the Sin City Heat series. This last story is what I like to call a bridge story that leads into the next series involving the infamous Pattels. I honestly didn’t even know where to begin with writing this review. I even reached out to S.K. personally to tell her about the rollercoaster of emotion this story brought forth. I love when a story really makes you think and life imitates art. If you have ever lived or experienced heartbreak, betrayal, or just been in love this story is for you.
Darrell Monroe has come a long way but not far enough. His pass demons involving the abandonment of his mother and father have come back to haunt him in a big way. It’s a saying in the African-American community, “you got issues.” Well to say Darrell has issues is putting it lightly. What do you do when the people who birthed you leave you? And all you ever wanted was to be loved but when you find real love it’s snatched from you?
Since his hard upbringing and past Darrell has found his soul mate in Jerra. They have a beautiful life together and child but Darrell can’t seem to let Jerra in to every part of his life. No man is an island and Darrell is just about to find that out. This story is gritty and when I say that it is very real and in your face. S.K. shows you that marriage isn’t always easy and sometimes you don’t always like the person you love. Fans of this coupe brace yourselves because when I tell you they go through it they do. You may think its black and white but this story is told in the “gray” area.  You don’t know who to side with because everyone is hurting. I loved that S.K. went into so much detail about Darrell’s pass and his struggle with abandonment.
Remember I mentioned the infamous Pattels? Well readers you get a healthy dose of who Lorenzo and Tina were and who they are. Tina, Darrells mother is a trip one thing I will say that she is no victim. And I hope in this next installment the author ties up some loose ends involving her secrets. Because in this story I felt a little let down that all wasn’t revealed. There were moments in this story that I had a “aha” moment it all made sense. All the hints from her previous stories were brought to life in this one. I don’t want to give too much a way but this story is really packed with so many characters and everyone has a secret and agenda. Who you think you know you really don’t.
I will say that in this story Jerra annoyed me a little especially with Roni. I wanted to say were you really thinking or is this just hormones? Oh yes readers Roni is back although I wish she would stay gone. Because this story is so long at times I wanted less information about the day to day living and more of the heat this author brings. i.e. less of she went to work and the case and more on how the healing took place. At what point I did ask how did we get here because it was 7 months later and I wondered what happed in that time frame? We were told things happened and I would have liked to see more of it then being told. I would have loved to see more on how Darrell forgave, the kids, his relationship with his father, the death. I thought the Darrell/Jerra forgiveness should have been more than sex scenes. Of course as always I wanted more from the ending it was a lot of unanswered questions but readers we get our h.e.a. and the ending really is bitter sweet. I very much so look forward to the next series. Please judge this book for yourselves and not based on this one review.

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