Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Healed( Damaged Souls Book 3) By: Twyla Turner


Lexi and Sloan have narrowly escaped one of their demons, only to face another. One that neither of them could've ever expected. Their issues continue to threaten their fragile relationship. Pulling them further apart and possibly pushing them into another's arms. Will Aaron and Victoria finally get what they want? Or will it be Sloan's parents that rip them apart? Find out in Healed, the emotional conclusion to the Damaged Souls Series.  

About Twyla Turner:

I was born and raised in Joliet, IL. I wrote my first story in the 3rd grade and fell in love with creating my own world. But throughout the years I have lacked the discipline to actually sit down and write. Even with a minor in Creative Writing (which should have been my major).
I have been a avid romance novel reader since Jr. High and have read hundreds. I have lived in Chicago, Japan, California and now reside in Arizona. And I wanted nothing more than to combine my love of romance, writing and traveling and put them in a book.

This is the conclusion to Lexi & Sloan rollercoaster romance. As much as I love these two characters I am so happy to see them get their hea. This story is told in layers and this final layer was just mind-blowing. Part two left us with the craziest cliffhanger and I honestly didn’t know how the author was going to let part three play out. When I tell you that these two have went through the most things in their short time together i.e. crazy exes, ptsd, abuse just to name a few.

This story really focused on the two as individuals and how they overcame their own issues. I will say that Sloan kind of annoyed me with some of the decisions he made regarding his relationship but as a reader you have to remember all the baggage these two have. And Lexi she came a long way but when times got tough she would often draw within herself and just shut down. I wanted to yell at her speak up, gain your voice. But the author really does take these two characters on a journey of growth. This story was not without the drama and old characters coming in to destroy the characters happiness. And the ending!!! Let me just say it was well deserved. One of the things I had issues with is the grammar. The content and the way the story flowed was on point. This author can tell a wonderful tale that you don’t get with most stories these days you know an actual plot. But the grammar made it hard to focus on the story at times. Please judge this book for yourselves and not based on this one review.

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