Friday, March 6, 2015

Quaterback Sneak By: Bianca Dean


This is my first time ever reading anything by author Bianca Dean. I was pleasantly surprised at this short spicy read. Readers if you are looking for something that will warm you up one-click this book.

Galynn is having the worst possible day. It’s cold, rainy and her keys got jammed in her car. On top of that she is miles away from her dorm room. Could her day get any worse?

Alceo: Quaterback and draft pick is bored with his pick of women. They all have no personality and want him for the title of being his girlfriend. People only see him as just this dumb jock. But still waters run deep. Alceo is a bio-chem major and is not as shallow as he pretends to be.

Stumbling upon Galynn, Alceo life is about to be anything but boring.

Ever much so the gentlemen Alceo invites poor Galynn back to his dorm to dry off well more like heat up. These two have some sort of magnetic charge between the two of them because they can’t stay away from each other. Galynn is his polar opposite she is not as social, and is a cute full figured woman. She can’t see what he sees in her. Her insecurities play a factor in their budding relationship but Alceo is the man to wash away all fears she will ever have.

Like any good thing there will be haters and these two have their fair share. Can Galynn look past her own insecurities or will she let a good thing pass her by?

I thoroughly enjoyed this read. It was simple, straightforward and a whole lot of spice. As a reader I do wish we got to see more of how their relationship developed. This is an insta-love/insta-lust type book. If you want something to past the time and whet the appetite check this book out.  Please judge this book for yourselves and not based on this one review.

About the Author

Bianca Dean  author of Quarterback Sneak and Wanna Play? is a native of New Jersey now living in NYC. Working on her PhD, Bianca loves good food, great movies and stimulating conversation. She's a huge sports fan, and can be found, during the appropriate season, screaming at the television, beer in hand, trying to make people that can't hear her run faster. In the off-season she can be spotted walking her dog or grabbing dinner with friends.

Connect with Bianca Dean on twitter @BiancaDeanInk


  1. simple and straight forward, my kind of read! I'll definitely be trying this one :D