Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Unxpected Fate By: Harper Sloan

First let me say that I love the Corps Security series so when I found out that Cohen Cage was getting a book I was ecstatic. I will admit that I fell in love with little Cohen in the previous books so reading about him as a grown man with adult feelings was a little bit of a transition. But I didn’t have to worry too much because even though he is all man an Alpha male like his father and uncles his character stays

Although this book focuses on Cohen and Dani-girl as he calls her family is very prevalent in this book. I love the fact that as a reader we got to not only see these two characters grow into adulthood but how the family reacts to this mainly Axel. He is ever dominating and possessive over his little princess and a bit much at times but it was all out of love.

Following in his father’s footsteps Cohen joins the military (Special –ops) his life is his work and although he loves his family and still is super-co he has a life of his own. Due to his job and lifestyle Cohen has never settled down or forgot the little girl who confessed her love for him. Dani has consumed his thoughts since that one day. Being too young to act on his feelings little Dani is all grown up and is ready for some very adult activity.

Dani has never forgotten the love of her life Cohen. Even though he seems oblivious to her feelings that doesn’t stop Dani from daydreaming and lusting after him. Tired of playing the game she decides to go after what she wants. Getting Cohen Cage is not as easy as just confessing feelings he is a lot work and a whole lot of man but Dani is up to the challenge.

But can their love survive stalkers, war, crazy-possessive fathers and distance? It’s been said that true love is worth the wait. Find out what happens when two kids destined to be together fight all the odds to keep their love alive.

I love that this book is about the second generation of Corps Security as readers we get a glimpse into the lives of all the previous characters children. The author stayed true to the essence of how these kids and their families were. If you thought Axel was over the top over Izzy imagine just how crazy he is over his little princess. Although this book was an emotional rollercoaster at times there still was some very laugh out loud moments especially scenes with the infamous Sway.

I did wish that some scenes like the coming of terms with their feelings would have been explored more before moving on to two weeks later. Although I did love this book and characters I would have liked to see more relationship development between the two characters. I won’t give much a way but majority of the book is told from Dani’s perspective and I understand because of Cohen’s situation that we wouldn’t read much on his perspective but I still would have wanted to see a little more relationship development then just the sex. At times Dani did annoy me she needed a backbone instead of having to be prompted by her roommates and mother to stand up.

I will say that due to her age as readers we got to see Dani become stronger and more secure within herself as the book progressed. Some things didn’t add up like with all of the drama going on behind scenes why did they continue filming? And did the roommates continue to stay at the house although danger was nearby? Although this book has few sex scenes they are very hot and unlike anything we have seen from this author. We got to see some new characters outside of the family namely Chance who I can’t wait to hear more on. I thoroughly enjoyed this story and look forward to the next book in this series. Please judge this book for yourselves and not based on this one review.

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