Wednesday, January 21, 2015

What's Up With That?

In the author/reading world there will always be a what’s up with that question to be asked. I have noticed a trend with authors as of late and I honestly can’t help but ask the question what’s up with that?

Authors who have other authors as their beta readers. What happened with getting a reader as a beta reader? I understand authors are readers as well but because more than likely these people are your friends they will not be very objective in their assessment of your work. Versus say a reader who you are actually selling to. Not to sound rude but aren’t these other authors your competition and lets be real some of them will sabotage you. I am all for uplifting other women but this is a business. For instance you get a focus group (those who are your target audience) to give their honest opinion on the product. You do not go to the competition another company to review your product.

Another side-eye moment is the fact that some authors charge for snippets. I noticed a few authors have blogs that they charge readers for to read their work. Who does that? When Amazon samples are free. Seriously you charge your fans for your blog posts on your books. Listen newsletters, blog posts, and snippets are free!!!!! This is pure foolishness. Which brings me to my other issue authors who over share. I love a good sneak peek every now and then but when an author shares 3-4 snippets a day everyday as a reader I feel like I know the story and now will be less likely to one-click. I think it has to be a happy medium share just enough to whet the appetite. I understand you want to keep readers interested and its good marketing but some authors share so much when the book has no release date in sight.
Keep in mind these posts are not about one author in particular but issues I have seen as one reader and blogger on social media.