Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Spark By: Aliyah Burke

Kendira Bonher is sexy, talented, curvy and sassy. She is the perfect catch, any man would want her. Unfortunately that is the problem a certain man in particular wants her, Joe but she doesn’t want him. Fearing for her life Kendria packs up her belongings and sets to escape. Except she doesn’t get very far. She finds herself in a little town called Cottonwood Falls. How backwoods does this town sound? Getting help from resident biker girl Sarah, Kendria finds herself staring at a real live Adonis by the name of Vance. Despite her injuries and desperate situation Vance ignites something in Kendira and its name is pure LUST.

Vance owns his own repair shop. I guess you can say he is a knight in shining armor in this case a pickup truck. He senses that Kendria is hiding something. No stranger to secrets his self he steps in and tries to help her by pretending they are together.

Sometimes make believe turns into reality. After a few touches and heated looks Kendira and Vance develop a very hot and heavy relationship. The sex scenes are off the charts and enough to whet the appetite. Despite trying to keep her past private it all catches up to her. Until she has no choice but to confront her demons.

Because this is a very short read a lot of the relationship is told to the reader and we don’t get to see the development. There were few inconsistences in the story like Kendira’s past. She is presented as down and out with little to nothing but mid-way through we find out differently. I don’t know if this was to add a little suspense to the story or not. The Joe scenario and how it ended could have been a bit more fleshed out. But like I mentioned earlier this is a very short straightforward read. If you are looking for a short, quick, erotic read with a hint of action this is the story for you. Judge this book for yourself and not based on one review.

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  1. As always, thorough...I totally missed that bit about Kendra being down and out. I was too busy looking for the hook ups lmao