Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Run By: Eve Vaughn

First let me say I love the premise of this book. When I read the synopsis I thought this is going to be something similar to the Hunger Games. You know a futuristic place and someone mainly women are chosen if not often forced to participate in a game of survival. Accept in this book Run would be more adult since the ultimate hunt is to use women for sex. And honestly this book is about that and so much more.

We are introduced to Aya the main lead who is highly opinionated, and doesn't think much of herself. She is described as "exotic" i.e. dark features, doe like eyes, and a shaved head. I am thinking maybe having someone of a darker variety is a rarity in this town of a 3:1 ratio of men to women. But I digress. Aya disrespects one of the Elites in town but really is defending herself which leads her into a spiral of why she has to participate in the "Run." I will not give too much of the story a way but I will say that Aya being in the situation she is in doesn't help matters. I understand her being a strong character but there is a difference between strong and silly. Her mouth would get herself into situations and she is presented as so tough and in the same scene she gets misty eyed and wants to cry. This was so frustrating for her to be presented as someone who is unlike others and then seem so basic especially in her decision making processes. Dare the hero and main lead is the man who is the responsible for Aya's world falling apart around her. He is the strong, I don't take "no" for an answer and will destroy you type. But something about Aya pulls on Dare's humanity. Although Aya has no family and is destitute her body still sings the tune Dare plays. Good premise right? And it actually is but this story was so frustrating and inconsistent. Aya was very annoying and with all that happened to her family I don't understand how even though sex is a bodily function could give herself to Dare.

Although Aya did reach her breaking point regarding her family issues and Dare that scene just wrapped up way to quickly and her anger died down as quickly as it came. As I was reading I was wondering how the author would make this a love story? Because let's face it Dare is a pompous jerk. I still didn't get the love aspect although the author did try to offer redemption but it just felt forced. I don't understand how women were a rareity in this book bit are treated as less than, murdered,and abuse. How does this help repopulate the society when the women are killed off or are cast off? There was limited transition from the "run" to the characters themselves. For instance Aya mentions that she doesn't know why she feels for Dare the way she does. As a reader I don't understand why she loves him either. There should have been a better set up for the couple's relationship instead of the old faithful cosmetic pull that characters seem to have on each other. The author does offer so break out characters like Macy and Forrester whose stories I wouldn't mind knowing more about. Although this story had a good premise the execution for me was not there.  Just because this book wasn't my cup of tea doesn't mean that others will not enjoy it. Please judge this book for yourself and not based on this one review.

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