Friday, January 9, 2015

Incarcerated By: Inger Iversen

It all started with a prison pen pal program or a way to ease her lonely existence but Katie “Kristen” finds more than just a correspondence she finds love. Because her father is the warden Katie enlists the help of her friend Teal who works at the local prison to help conceal her identity. Little does she know “Scott Logan” Logan has deep dark secrets of his own.

The rules of the program were set in place to protect both parties and to make sure no lines were crossed. But what happens when lines get blurred and your heart out rules your head?

Katie is a full time writer and because of a broken heart and the death of her mother has turned into a hermit. She doesn’t like crowds and even though she is surrounded by people who love her she still feels lonely and alone. Bullied because she wasn’t seen as “black” enough or because she talked properly she never seem to fit in with the black or white kids. So she did what people do turn to the people who love and accept her no matter what. Her father is a white European man Jan-Erik who is nonsense and loves his baby girl no matter what. But he treats her like everyone treats her like an incompetent child. Due to the fact that Logan can never see her she reveals her secrets to him as a way to release but finds they have more in common then she thought.

Logan is a white male prisoner who is set to be released early for overpopulation. He has issues with anyone who isn’t white. He was bullied and beat on as a kid by the “blacks” in his neighborhood and his parents never cared so when his friend introduces him to the “brotherhood” it all makes sense. Whites protect their own. You don’t mix with other races and you certainly don’t fall in love with one of them.

Through a series of correspondences Logan and Katie start to develop a foundation for a friendship that later turns into a relationship. But little does Logan know Katie is black. Because the only interactions Logan has had with black people have always been negative he has viewed all black people as such. Katie isn’t what he expected she doesn’t fit the stereotype: ghetto and loud. Logan heart is telling him one thing but experience has taught him something else.

I won’t ruin the story but Katie and Logan go through a bunch of ups and downs and interference from friends and enemies. Will love be enough to fight all these forces?

I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed this story. It was more than just a prison love story this story has a lot of depth and the author doesn’t sugar coat anything. I will say that some of the race situations will make you uncomfortable but needed to be explored. I didn’t understand Katie at times for her to not want to be treated as a child she made childish mistakes. i.e. letting strangers in her house. Her friend Teal was more than annoying and I can’t wait to read her story and how she will be tamed.

Like I mentioned earlier the issues with race weren’t glossed over i.e. the airport scene But I do wish as a reader I would have gotten more detail or confrontation from the racial profiling scene then sex. I think these two have helped each other more than they ever expected. I am glad that Katie grew up and confronted her best friend about her interference. Because this story was heavy in nature Iggy the jail mate provided a great comic relief. As a reader I am glad I got to see Logan through his rehabilitation process but the ending felt a bit rush as did his decision regarding his relationship with Katie. I can’t wait to read what else the author has in store. Like I always mention, “judge this book for yourself and not the opinion of one reviewer.”


  1. Love how we bring different perspectives to the same book. Good review!

    1. We are like yin and yang. And compliment each other well.

  2. I just finished this book this past weekend! I thoroughly enjoyed it as well but there were times when I wanted to choke Katie out. She was irksome. I had this book on my wishlist for a minute and then it went on sale so I swiped it. I love a sale!!!! Looking forward to seeing the next installment with Teal. I was on the fence about her. :-/

    1. I felt the same about Katie. She made silly mistakes. I wanted to be like you wonder why they treat you like a kid because at times you act like one. I'm curious about Teal book as well. I still don't know if I could have forgiven her. Friendship is about trust and they clearly didn't have any.