Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Fire We Make By: Vera Roberts

Vera is back! As you all know she took a little hiatus and now she is back with her new release Fire We Make. This “novella” is a sequel to the story Daddy’s Angel following characters Jackson and Liane.

Jackson now owns a brothel and has made a pretty decent living off of it. Nothing has changed he still is smooth as ever and knows how to talk a lady straight out of her panties.

Liane got lost in his eyes and touch. She is a cop and well Jackson is a pimp. On opposite ends of the law how will their love survive?

Back Story:

In Daddys Angel, Jackson was in love with his “angel” and out of all the girls he favored her the most. Unfortunately for him his angel found another Enzio who promised her what she always wanted freedom. Sending Liane in as an undercover detective she finds this criminal isn’t everything she assumed he was. Although Jackson still loves his angel he is a man who knows when to back a way. Liane has an aura about her nothing he has seen before. A few heated looks later and these two could start a fire one between the sheets of course.

I say this story is a novella because it’s short but it’s honestly a show case of what’s the come from the author. We get a little about the two characters above and the rest of the book are previews for the authors upcoming releases. I like that this author is stepping outside of her comfort zone and writing in different genres. I didn’t understand how Jackson and Liane’s story progressed as fast as it did since in Daddy’s Angel it didn’t seem that serious. As a reader I would have liked to see more development between these two characters. I was left with more questions than answers. For instance: what came of his obsession with Angela? How did everything work out at the station with Liane? More on the characters: Enzio and the other girls because I thought that some of them left in the end.

I always mention that with short reads they always leave you wanting more and often times it’s a fully fleshed out story. I thought this was more of a snippet and a teaser for what readers can expect versus a novella. I know this author has many fans who have missed her work so I know they will be happy that she is back and at it. Please judge this story for yourself and not based on one review.

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