Wednesday, December 31, 2014

What's Up With That?

*** Disclaimer**** The purpose of this post is not to attack anyone personally or any one author in particular. Its to bring attention to a few issues I have noticed as a reader and blogger within the IR community. This is not the gospel just one person's opinion. We all have them but leave your negative comments to yourself.

It’s been awhile since I have done a “what’s up with that post” I only do these when something triggers it. My fellow blogger and friend Musings of an IR Junkie recently did a blog post about how there is no U.N.I.T.Y. in the IR (Interracial) genre. This post was one of those triggers as well as the foolishness I have been seeing on social media and Amazon.

Here goes……

Regarding no unity being in the IR community the simple fact is that there is none. I don’t want to rehash everything that was said but I will add my spin on it. This is a business first and foremost. As an author you are your own brand. So I don’t understand how you expect to sell if you don’t market yourself. I am speaking of the authors who only stay within their own group and don’t step outside of their circle or clique. Frankly speaking you don’t support others but want to get in your group and whine woe is me. Newsflash: You Get What You Give!!!! I have seen new authors come in and do blog takeovers, offer contests, and hold discussions about their up and coming books. For a genre that was made for us by us I don’t get why we tear each other down. I have seen authors allow their admins, and street teams bully reviewers, fans and other authors. Are you that insecure that you will tear a fellow author down? And you wonder why your stuff doesn’t even make the U.S.A. bestseller list. Focus more on actual writing quality work then what others are doing. It doesn’t take anything from you to help another author out.

On the flipside you do have authors who support each other but they only support those who fit inside of their clique. Like I mentioned earlier this is a business shouldn’t you be focused on making sales? I think it’s funny when some of these authors take to their social media and post all about love and harmony but then the mean girl comes out. It’s really sad that some people are stuck in high school. I believe the lack of unity and support of fellow authors hurt this genre. Maybe it's why the genre is seen as a joke? This is displayed by the fetish type books that are now flooding the genre. We have some very talented authors in this genre but the talent is overshadowed by the bad behavior and blatant lack of support amongst fellow authors and fans.

Now regarding the fans lack of support:

I have seen fans say that they don’t support some authors because of how they were treated in groups or the author’s disposition. The fact of the matter is social media is a blessing and a curse but a necessary evil. For instance an author commented on an Amazon review after her fan girls attacked the reviewer for a difference in opinion. Really? Is it that serious? Why do you care about what one person is saying about you when majority of the reviews are all positive? Not everyone will like you. Hell I know many don’t like me or my reviews/posts. And guess what? That’s fine because no one pays my bills. Back to the issue at hand. Well this author goes on and on about how they don’t read reviews and so forth but explains why the reviewer’s issue with the book were unfounded. First many complain because they don’t get reviews and now you want to tell a person how they should review? Do you see why reviewers get frustrated? Who has that kind of time? My issue is that this behavior turned me completely off from the author. Your admins represent you. Granted you can’t control other grown people but you can correct behavior. I still don’t understand why fan girls and admins spew such hate. Are you getting paid? More than likely you are getting free books. Which in itself is laughable going all out of your way  to bully another for what a $5.00 book. Honey if it’s that serious e-mail me and I will send you the book.

I understand reviews help authors but the fact of the matter is some simply don’t review. I have seen posts where people mention that their t.b.r. pile is so long. You know that that means? Maybe they just haven’t had time to review your book yet. And then some simply don’t like to review. Who am I to judge them or condemn them? Heck at least they bought the book when most are pirating books these days. The point is pick your battles. You know what I miss? Book chats/character chats. Lately these groups have been flooded with penis pictures or what’s happening in pop culture. I feel like we should all get back to basics. It’s only so much bloggers can do to help.

My other issue is the darkened photo covers on books. I know that there are select stock photos to choose from but just like with this genre create them. Please don’t darken photos it looks cheesy and fans aren’t stupid. Another issue I have seen as a trend as of late is the demonizing of black men in these books. It’s as if the black woman in the book can only be with the white man because the black man was this horrible monster. What is that? So in order to date a white man, black men have to dog you out? In the beginning the reason why I loved IR books was because it didn't focus more so on race but on the love story itself. Not that I don't enjoy stories that discuss race in books because lets be honest race is still an issue with some but be tactful in how you handle the issue of race.

Also what’s up with the lack of descriptions of the women in these books? Are you trying to appeal to a larger audience or don’t feel the descriptions are necessary? I genuinely want to know.

To sum all of this long post up:  We have to support one another and get over our own insecurities it’s enough room in this genre for everyone. Step outside of your groups and your fantasy world and support, like some posts, hell say thank you to your supporters.




  1. WHEW CHILE!!!! YOU SAID THAT SHIT! I thought I went hard, but you broke it down! We have a lot of work to do as a community of writers, bloggers, and readers. It all starts in house, but until we accept that there is a problem, nothing will ever get done. I'm willing to put aside differences to make this genre and its authors, but I can't do it alone. 2015 will be the tipping point for sure. Great post as always!

    1. Thank you! We all have to do our part and put the pettiness aside.

  2. LOL well you really went in today huh?

    I applaud your candidness CoCo. I can only hope 2015 brings about major change.

  3. Of course! Lol we I think we all do our part change will come.