Tuesday, December 2, 2014

What's Up With That Part Deux

A while back I had this post I called, “What’s Up With That”  where I just vent about what I have noticed going on in the “author” world. For me it’s a venting session as a reader not to bash any author but just to question some things that I feel are important. I think social media can either help or hurt many authors. The help part is that we as readers get to see snippets of upcoming books, teasers etc. The hurt part is that some author’s like many people share way too much on social media to the point where for me it will turn you off. I know you may say CoCo it’s their Facebook page and if you don’t like it don’t watch. Which is true but what happens when author’s share too much on their author pages? I feel like as a reader and blogger at times I have to censor some of what I want to say because some authors not all see it as a personal attack one or two they don’t like an opposing opinion and their fan girls end up bullying you. And sometimes the criticism or whatever the issue is can be seen as helpful and great dialogue between author and reader.

Lately I have noticed many authors posting about book reviews and how important they are. And I would completely agree. Reviews are important for the author and other readers. But on the flipside I have seen many readers comment about how long their t.b.r. (to be read) list is so long they have yet to tackle it. Here comes the issue! Recently an author posted that she is considering no longer writing because of low reviews and so forth. My issue is writing is a business. Many authors have street teams, Facebook pages, book chats, etc. How do you expect reader support and loyalty when you don’t engage your readers? (This is not directed at this particular author just stating an issue I see in general) Which leads me back to the social media issue. Back in the day we never had social media an author would release a book once a year and in the back of the paperback would be a card where you could write the author. (Sometimes I miss those days) In the world of instant gratification and social media, over sharing between readers and authors alike the lines have blurred. Where readers think they “know” the authors on some personal level based on what they share. I am getting off subject. My issue with the post about basically retiring from writing is that isn’t this your craft? I don’t understand if a person is passionate about something nothing should detour you. It’s not going to be a smooth road. Why not go to the readers, back to the drawing board and revamp yourself. I would love others take on this issue. Because I was rather annoyed myself about this issue.

My next issue is that because publishing has become so easy I feel everyone is doing it. Especially in the IR (Interracial) genre it has become flooded with fetish type books. And I’m sure there is an audience out there for that. But it makes the rest of the books in the genre look like a joke. Another issue is the lack of stories with substance, plots, descriptions, and just plain lack of story. Lately there has been a trend of really short stories that are overpriced. Now I don’t mind paying for a story if it is a complete story. I recently saw an author post that her story for 80 pages priced at $5.99 in her eyes was reasonable because that’s a lot for her to write. Ummmm….isn’t writing what you do? My thing is that the stories lack substance it’s more sex and less story and just when the story begins it ends. Also the lack of descriptions. How can one read a story without having any physical descriptions of the characters? What color are the characters? And why are the characters color being described in terms of food? I know for myself when I read a story I like to picture what the characters look like. I can’t fully engaged in the book without a good grasp on who I am reading about.
Last Issue I promise!!!! Please stop oversharing! The thing with social media is you control what you share. I understand being close with your readers but it’s a fine line between what you share and shouldn’t share. I have seen authors post so much about their personal life drama I wonder why not write a book on it? I appreciate the authors who engage with their readers because many don’t. But at the end of the day this is a business. Marketing and how you brand yourself is important. Please let me know what you think about this issue. Even if you feel differently than I.

Side note I have noticed lately I have been doing less reviewing and more cover reveals. Not that I mind doing the cover reveals but I am going to get back to basics and try to focus more on my reviews. So be prepared more of CoCo Fierce is yet to come. xoxoxox

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