Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Someone To Watch Over Me By: Sienna Mynx

When dealing with books of this nature the author usually forewarns readers in my review I will as well. This book deals with mature themes such as rape, and violence. I say this not to detour anyone from reading the book but just a warning.
Someone To Watch Over Me opens with a steamy sex scene introducing the hero Brick and heroine KaeCee to the readers. And what an introduction it is! Brick a private investigator hired to locate one KaeCee "Princess" former member of the Motorcyle Club the Black Spyders finds himself in a world wind of trouble watching over her. This job isn't as easy as Brick once thought KaeCee's father is the head of the black motorcycle gang (club) and on the run from her father's associates one in particular Gloque.

One of the things I noticed about this story is that it differs from other stories in the fact that Brick is described as not being handsome. He is described as being someone that not only people fear because of his stature but it was mentioned that he is somewhat of a Frankenstein replica. It is rare you get a hero that isn't described as an Adonis. Brick had a very self-deprecating view about himself. He sees himself as not as smart rare for a male lead. I like the complexity of his inner battles of feeling not good enough but on the outside a fighter ironically solid as a brick. KaeCee although she is very sassy and knows how to play the game is battling her own demons. She may be into nice clothes and a love for the color red but it is more to her then meets the eye. Both come from less than ideal backgrounds dealing with physical and mental abuse. The subject matter in this story is heavy at times. Like I mentioned above Someone To Watch Over Me deals with issues such as rape. And it is one of the major themes of the story in my opinion. This book is an emotional roller coaster granted this is a story about two people trying to right a wrong the wrongs done are very serious in nature and not for the faint at heart. If you are a person that just wants a sweet romance this is not for you.
This book is a little more "thug" that Sienna's usually mafia books that present a more decadent lifestyle. By that I mean the language used has much more slang and both characters are a little more gritty then what we usually see from Sienna. One thing that is a constant with this author is her sex scenes are off the chart. The dream sequences in this book are FIYAH!!!!! I would describe this book as much more drama sprinkled with some romance. For me the romance aspect was overshadowed by the situation both of the characters are in. Without giving anything away both character's run into some serious trouble and tough situations with the MC gang and Brick's connections with his old life. But Brick and KaeCee fight for redemption and a chance at love neither of them expected to find.

The flashback scenes dealing with KaeCee and Brick's past as younger kids was a lot to swallow. But does offer some sort or explanation as to why both characters are the way they are. One of the things that annoyed me about Brick was that he never really stood up for himself not in the physical sense when it came to the physical he was a force of nature but when it came to people calling him dumb he just took it. It was a turn off that he was believed and further perpetuated to be not as smart. I know do to his upbringing he suffered not only physical but mental trauma but I would have like to see him overcome those issues. This book was slow in some parts the information given was heavy and at times it seemed like overload. I did like that both characters were complex and that their relationship wasn't nice and neat and was very messy at best. Drama followed them even towards the end. I wanted a bit more closure with the ending it seemed to be tied up to nicely and left me with a lot of unanswered questions. For instance: did KaeCee ever get help for her ptsd? All in all I think this was a good read very different and a little dark. I would recommend this book for anyone looking for a quick read but a very thoroughly told story. Please judge this book for yourself and not based on this one review.

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