Monday, December 8, 2014

Santa's Helper By: Yvette Hines

It's that time of year again! Holiday/Christmas stories are here. If you are like me I love a sappy Christmas story. On a cold gloomy day nothing lifts my spirts more than a sweet Christmas read. It’s like watching the Hallmark Channel you know it’s so unrealistic but sweet just the same. One of the first of many Holiday reads that are yet to come is Yvette Hine’s, “ Santa’s Helper.”

The story starts off with a steamy sex scene introducing the lead heroine Nicole. She works as a Christmas helper/slave/errand-girl and elf for the Marco family business. Laverne Marco her boss has an issue with Nicole especially when it comes to her boys. Hired by one of her eldest and playboy son Steve, Nicole can’t see anything past the middle brother David who consumes her thoughts with one shared butterfly kiss under the mistletoe.

Although this is a Christmas story it’s not a story without some bit of anguish. Steve has quite the issue with his roaming eyes and hands when it comes to the female staff. He has his eyes set on Nicole and unfortunately for him so does his brother David.  Nicole is overworked, sexually harassed constantly and very much so ignored by David. Required to work the Marco family Christmas party her path crosses with David dressed as a very sexy Santa. With just one look her blood begins to heat and her body reacts to just one heated look from him. Nicole although she does need to grow a backbone when it comes to his mother does not shy away from her sexuality. Dressed as a curvaceous Elf she forces David to leave the room out of fear of making a scene. A mishap with her car and being left alone with David sparks ignite and now winter doesn’t seem so cold anymore. One thing I will say that Yvette knows how to write a steamy sex scene.

This is a very sweet, straightforward short read. My issues with short reads is that I always wish that the relationship between the two characters are more developed. With this read Nicole and David have limited interaction although she has been working for his family for 3 years it was never said why they loved each other just that he felt she was different because she didn’t fall for his brother’s charm. And on her end she is very much so sexually attracted to him. I felt that some issues should not have been brought up especially the sexual assault if nothing was to come of it. David even admits himself as to not get involved with his brother antics because it hasn’t hurt the business. I just didn’t see David as a traditional Alpha-male. I did love that he wore glasses and was classified as a sexy nerd. But he seemed like a push over and not very dominate. I will say that towards the end of the story there is a turning point and after some good loving Nicole finally gets a backbone. I know this is a simple short read and I’m probably reading more into it then should be but I do love complete stories.  For a short Christmas read this story does fit the bill I just wished for more details. This was a very sweet, sexy read no typos and that cover is very hot!!! Like I always say don’t judge this book based on this one review judge for yourself.


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