Monday, December 29, 2014

La Femme Selita By: Lolah Lace

La Femme Selita starts off with a kidnapping of the male lead Ben. We don't know much about why Ben has been kidnapped by the beautiful Femme Fatale just that his father owes a debt and Selita the heroine doesn't mind using him as leverage to get it. Or so it seems.... Each chapter is told in days, and what happened on each of those days to Ben. During this process of Ben being captured a sort of love hate relationship grows between him and Selita. And dare I say a lot of lust. Really what's a guy to do when you have a gorgeous captor like Selita who can not only keep up with you intellectually but can handle her own.

For Selita to be a hit woman she is very forthcoming about certain areas of her life: her educational background, last name, etc. Meanwhile Ben has some idea of why he is being held captive as it relates to his father Benny but as a reader majority of the questions focused around Ben's infidelity. I thought this is interesting a trained killer with morals? Talk about oxymoron. Ben's character with his inner dialogue sounds a lot like the authors most famous character Mason from her Balls to the Walls series.

For the first 43% of this book it is more of Ben's inner dialogue and his limited interactions with Selita. Although when they do interact it's like someone has lit a fire. The growing lust between the two characters is palpable. Sure there are some HOT sex scenes included but as a reader I was left in the dark wondering what really was going on? We don't know much about Selita and the pieces of information we do get aren't fully explained. For me there was too much attention giving to the issue of Ben's infidelity when some of that I feel could have been given to flush out the story better. After reading this story the reader is left with more questions than answers well at least I know I was. Don't get me wrong even though this story started off a bit slow it still was an intriguing read. I liked the concept of the story I just wish certain elements of the story were explained and flushed out. If you are a reader who likes IR (Interracial Relationship) books and a gorgeous female lead with a very sexy male this story is for you. All in all I think Lolah did a great job. Like I always mention don't judge this book based on one review judge for yourself.

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