Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Breaking Bad: 14 Tales Of Lawless Love

Breaking Bad: 14 Tales of Lawless Love 

I was talking about this anthology to a fellow blogger @MusingsIRJ about how some of the stories left me feeling incomplete or wanting more. She explained to me that this is what an anthology is supposed to do. The stories are meant to be incomplete to set the reader up for the full length version. Well honey that’s exactly what this anthology did!!! Now to be fair I only was giving an arc for 3 of the stories but let me say if these stories are an indication of the full book readers will not be disappointed.

In this review I will only briefly touch on the a few of the stories I read. I say briefly because although the stories were short they packed a lot of action and I don’t want to give anything a way.

Eve Vaughn who is what I consider a classic in the IR game.  Let me just say this story His Favorite is classic Eve and does not disappoint. Tamryn isn’t any one’s damsel in distress. Life has taught her some very hard lessons and she is about to receive a very tough yet steamy lesson with the devil himself, Seamus.

Seamus plays a huge part in the underworld granted he seems to be a business man but he has a darkness about him. These two meet under less than stellar circumstances. Although Tamryn takes his kindness for granted he gives her a chance. In typical Eve fashion Seamus is an alpha male and once cleaned up Tamryn becomes “his.” He has to ger her out of system and one night is never enough. Feelings are caught and these two learn how to battle their demons together. The intimacy these two shared was more than just physical. I only wish for more dialogue between the two characters much of their shared moments were afterthoughts. This story was a good mix of romance and some action. Tamryn is envied and catching Seamus eye only makes matter worse. She finds herself fighting for her life literally but she refuses to be anyone’s victim again. I like that Tamryn was a fighter and she didn’t let the nasty barbs from the other women get her down. Eve does like to dabble into the darkness of stories. I hope that this story is turned into a full length novel because I feel these two have more to tell.

I honestly have never read Sharon Cooper and was pleasantly surprised with her short Indebted

Laz was a BOSS!!!! All I could think of was, "nobody puts Journey in a corner." This story was an interesting mix of right and wrong. The lines are blurred. Laz is a detective but he does what it takes to get the job done. Kinda like that Robin Hood syndrome steal from the rich to give to the poor. He is a broken man who watched the woman he loves die. Journey is this fierce ADA who knows she shouldn't allow this man to get close to her heart .Heck, I was just reading about him and I wanted to know more!!! These two come together because Laz is being investigated, I mean when you are a cop who doesn't mind smacking around the bad guy are you shocked that he is being investigated by the powers that be?

I loved that this story had a hint of mystery/suspense. Now don't get me wrong these two have a chemistry that's off the charts but this story  didn't focus on the romance as much as solving the crime and building a real relationship between the two characters. Laz cant even phantom loosing another love and when Journey needs his help he doesn't mind calling in every favor and making things happen. Readers you will find yourself rooting for the "dirty" cop.  Like I said this was my first novel by this author but will not be my last this was a great short story that I know can be turned into a full length novel, I want more from that ending (hint, hint). 

Now baby when you talk about bringing the heat in this anthology LaQuette does just that with her short Bedding The Enemy. Before we dive into this one the names of the characters are a little hard to pronounce but that will not detour the reader. That first chapter was full steam ahead and this story just kept getting better and better. A little warning this book does end on a cliff hanger but the author does promise a full length novel soon. 

Mas is the head of the Yakuza family and let me tell you he wears the title well. This book starts off with a very steamy love scene that signifies so much more. Oshun has only shown Mas a piece of herself  and the pieces that remain hidden are very deadly. For a man like Mas commitment is a very big step so when he gives himself to Oshun and she avoids him things get interesting quick. Oshun little does Mas know is a boss in her own right and these two are fighting on separate sides of the same issue. I love that the author showed the characters struggle with the path they each choose and trying to hold onto each other. This story was action packed and I will say LaQuette at her finest. I did cringe when I read the cliff hanger because all of the angst I had to go through as a reader!!!! (lol) This story shows the willing sacrifice these two are willing to make for each other but they leave a bloody trail in the midst.  Readers this story doesn't disappoint and I for one cannot wait for the full length. 

All In all I really enjoyed the snippet I read of this anthology and although the stories are short they leave the reader wanting more. 


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