Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Until Sage By Aurora Rose Reynolds

Here comes the Boom!!!

Much like many of the other stories in this series this was one of insta-love but with a little twist. As a reader we got to see Sage and Kim romance develop after the huge blow up of him confusing her with her troubled twin sister.


In true Mayson fashion once you meet your “boom” you are ruined. Although feeling betrayed by Kim’s deception, he cannot get her out of his system. One of the cutest moments in the books is when Sage courts Kim. One thing I will say is that she makes him work for her affections. Kim was sort of a hypocrite because while she wants Sage to be transparent she has secrets of her own i.e. her illness. Kim has an issue trusting Sage completely. He made her love him and then left her behind. This relationship had it series of ups and downs and misunderstandings. For one Sage being the alpha-male that he was wanted Kim to just fall in line but Kim has a wall up. They both share the fact that they were abandoned by their biological parents. I love that this author writes about both sides of adoption and the process. 

I felt Kim and Sage relationship was missing something. I felt like the story was a little short and didn’t explore all the issues that were brought up in passing. I did love the fact that we got to see some of our other favorite characters from previous stories. I noticed that the author didn’t put much emphasis on Kim’s disease this was short sweet romance. I loved that the author showed Kim’s relationship with her parents. I did think it was odd that this story didn’t really mention the word “boom” or that Kim was Sage’s boom. We did get a glimpse of Nyla and how she was coming along with her developing relationship with her birth mom. This story had so many elements but at times was a little dry it lacked the element of suspense and drama found in the authors other books. All in all this was a great beach read it was light and had some very steamy love scenes. Although this wasn’t my favorite addition in the series it was nice to catch up with our old favorites.

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