Thursday, March 16, 2017

March Madness

March really is a month of madness for me!!! I haven't gotten a chance to actually read a book or even think about a review. I have been noticing some things in the author world. One author whom is known for her African-American stories and celebrating black love has started writing IR. Don't get me wrong I love when authors step outside of their comfort zone and are successful. True growth is when we are constantly evolving. But while this author has branched out I noticed her core fan based has been left out. And the stories that are AA are lack-luster. My thing is if your heart isn't in it don't do it. Don't get upset when readers who are paying a nice chunk of change for your books speak out on the fact that you don't even bother to edit any longer. So my question is when do authors stop trying to please readers and do what they love? Because at this rate this author is alienating her core fan base with this lack-luster work just to say hey I haven't forgot about you. Is it about the money or just wanting to please folks?

Next thing I noticed is that when Kindle Unlimited came out it was a lot of authors outraged some who took to their FB and stated that they wouldn't ever participate in the program and it hurts Indie Authors But oh wait now majority of your stuff is on K.U.? I have always been told, "never say what you won't do." And that's all I am going to say about that. Oh the shade! 

While I am on my hiatus what has everyone been reading? I am looking for a good series on the off chance I actually get to pick up something. And while March is known for a lot of things; The Ides of March, Basketball, Reading Month the list could go on But I would like to say: