Monday, January 9, 2017

New Year, New Blog, New Format

Happy New Year!!!!! I am kicking off this year full of black girl magic!!! For my blog I have invited a fellow reviewer Ebony Brainstorm to join me in some of my book reviews. Do you guys remember Sisqo and Ebert? For those of you who don’t know, they were like this power house review team that did movie reviews. I used to love their reviews because it was conversational. My goal this year with some of my reviews is to create that same format with Ebony Brainstorm. I know authors love to see review’s on Amazon and Goodreads and I will still post there but with Amazon either deleting or not posting reviews it makes it hard as a blogger and becomes very frustrating. Also lets be real here I don’t get paid to review, half the time I don’t even receive arc’s I do it because I love books. So in order for me to prevent the burn out I experienced last year I needed to revamp some things and bring the fun back to reviews. In the near future Ebony Brainstorm and I will be launching a YouTube page for our reviews. ( I am so excited to that)

Before I introduce the new addition to my team I would be amiss if I didn’t give props to Nicholle Kobi ( whose illustrations always give me life and I share them frequently. I love that she creates images of black women that are so representative. I frequently use her images and for Ebony Conclusion’s advatar she has as well. This year is all about support so if you don’t know who she is or what she does please click her link provided above.

About Ebony Brainstorm….

" Reading is food for the mind and romance is my dessert." Authors please feel free to hit her up at to beta read or reviews.

Recently P.J.Dean reached out to me regarding her new book Dissent (Love Vanquishes All #2) One thing Ebony and I share is our love for historical fiction. What you guys can expect is for us to not always agree on books but that's what's fun and I feel readers will appreciate it. For me this book was a bit long and focused more on the historical aspect than the romance it’s still worth a read. I loved that the heroine was strong and that the male was equally as strong. It was refreshing to see an equal couple and not a woman wanting to be saved. Below you will find Ebony Conclusion's review/thoughts. 

This is a very good historical romance. The author notable put in a lot of research. If you are a fan of the Reign on the C.W. you will be in for a treat with this book. Like the author notes in the beginning of the book this is for a certain type of reader but if you open your minds and explore out of your comfort zone you will be introduced to two strong willed leads.
So what did I like/love That you are introduced to the charters slowly. You first learn about the ones close to the couple that in turns helps you build a character foundation of their values without actually meeting the characters. There are several side stories and characters that help build the plot along as well. Awa is a force in her own right and stands her ground although a little naive at times.  Blaise is all the man you want/need. He is by far one of my favorite male leads. He knows when to be strong and assertive then can flip the switch and be sensitive and caring. There was also a great build up and suspense in the second part of the book that left you on the edge waiting for something to happen ….. I was tempted to jump ahead but I didn’t.
There was not a lot I did not like about this book, but a few things I would tweak. The beginning where the author kind of says who would and would not like this type of book is a little off putting. I am a reader of all and love any good book no matter the genre. This work speaks for itself and the author should let it. Another is I felt like the end was rushed. I wanted more time to spend in their love and know that their loved blossomed and thrived after all the heartache.
It has been awhile since I have read a complete IR book and appreciate the time that was dedicated to this book, like I had said it shows.  Like most love stories there are twist and turns some predictable with the theme others not. Over all this book was very enjoyable! This is my first book of P.J. Dean and will be reading more.


  1. thank you again, ladies. I am truly humbled.This book is only second in the series and I'll be working this year like a dog to produce a worthy number 3

    1. Thank you!!!! We look forward to book 3 in the series!!!!