Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Out of Time By Sienna Mynx

 Out of Time By Sienna Mynx is the perfect little holiday read. Its a cozy story about second chances and I cannot even begin to describe the steamy love scenes. Granted this is a short story and I would have liked for it to be a little longer with all that was presented in the story but nonetheless this author did her thing. I loved the relationship between Ice and Asha. This story reminded me of those Hallmark Christmas stories but a little extra added spice. In such a short amount of time the author developed great characters that made you feel like you knew them. So ladies if you are looking for a good read please one click this book!!


Lt. Commander Kevan ‘Ice’ Quinn had one love and that was the USCG (United States Coast Guard). Until he met the young and inexperienced beauty Asha Radcliffe. A night of what was supposed to be casual, uncommitted sex, opened his eyes to the possibility of more. Then one routine mission of search and rescue ended disastrously. Lt. Commander’s life was spared at a devastating cost. However, the man pulled out of the sea is not the same daredevil chopper pilot who went in. His faith, his marriage, and his life fall into peril jeopardy. When he understands the cost of his bitterness it is too late. He, however, wants one chance again to test his fate. He has three days to convince the only woman who he has ever love to forgive and release him from his mistakes. Will she? Or is really out of time. 

Meet The Author: 

Sienna Mynx is your naughty writer of Paranormal, Contemporary, and Historical Interracial Romance for readers that love the bad boy's but desire to be the women that tame them. A current resident of south of Georgia, Sienna Mynx has just emerged into the e-publishing arena. Her novellas reflect her thirst for romance told from a fresh perspective with the diversity she craves in erotic Romance. Explore and Enjoy.

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