Monday, December 19, 2016

Dissent By P.J. Dean

P.J. Dean has taken the term black girl magic to a whole other level in her new book, " Dissent Love Vanquishes All." So often the narrative of African, or women of color in a certain time period is that of slave, concubine, or maid. P.J. has written a story where we are the heroines ( no not the whiny, weak woman looking for a man to save her). I love that this historical romance steps outside of the stereotype. The author is so funny because she presents all of these "warnings" before reading the book like if you dont like strong women this isnt for you!!!! I loved it!!! Although this story is a little heavy on the historical side ( the author did her research) it is a great read and even better romance. Readers take a chance and click this book up you will not be disappointed. 


1571. France is in stasis. The peace struck after the latest War of Religion between Catholics and Protestants (Huguenots) is fragile and desperately needs more support to sustain it. The monarchy proposes a royal wedding joining a Catholic princess to a Huguenot prince as the needed bulwark. Negotiations are set in motion. All is good. Or so it appears.

On another front, France has fallen far behind other European nations in its quest to expand its empire overseas. Expenditures from civil wars have sapped her coffers, her energy and have stunted her economic dreams.
Could another marriage remedy the problem by mixing religious unity with the possibility of increased commerce?

Enter Awa, the daughter of a visiting, Roman Catholic, Wolof diplomat from the elite ranks of the Jolof Kingdom in West Africa. She embodies the best of her land in her manner and in her education. She is dutiful, proud, and respectful of her family, but after living a portion of her formative years at the French court, she has become outspoken and a tad willful.

Enter Blaise, the nephew of the most powerful leader of the Huguenot faction in the country. An aristocrat. Learned. Traveled. Haunted. Ladies’ man. Rarely sees a sunrise, unless he is going to bed at that hour. He abhors responsibility of any kind. And Catholics.

Two persons of noble lineage. Strangers. Foes. Pawns. Allies? Lovers?

If Awa and Blaise can cease fighting long enough, could their marriage quell domestic unrest, bring riches and stability to France, but most importantly deliver true love to them before the realm implodes over religious matters again?

Meet The Author:

P. J. Dean has always loved making up stories for as long as she can recall. Fiction book writing was a no-brainer. Scribbling stories since childhood, she put away the thought of becoming a published writer as she got older and as life’s responsibilities beckoned. Work, ill family members and other distractions of lesser urgency stayed her dream. But through it all she never stopped writing. Writing was her escape. It kept her dream alive. After a job loss and after the family illnesses ended, she concentrated on writing with an aim to be published. She finally did, at first on her own, then through an early e-pub and now with Extasy Books. She thanks Extasy for picking her up. The publisher has given her the freedom to create what she wants without pigeon-holing her into writing in a certain way, as many traditional Big Five publishers expected her to do.

She writes historical and paranormal romances with diverse characters. Her interest in history coupled with a B.A in French Civilization helped her write her first book, a historical romance set in late 16th century France with the court of Charles IX as the backdrop. The need to see people of color in more romance books led her to create her own paranormal romance series with an interracial duo and lots of different people. In addition to the aliens.

She hails from the mid-Atlantic USA and enjoys the change of seasons there. Sometimes. When heavy thunderstorms or 45-inch snowstorms or 100-degree summers with matching humidity hit, she dreams of Bermuda. Otherwise, the rest works for her.


  1. Co Co, thank you for this review. With Blogger's reboot, I did NOT see this item. So, excuse my lateness to this party. SO VERY LATE to the party. Happy you gave the book a chance. So honored that you liked it. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for appreciating a black heroine who isn't chattel!

    1. PJ Dean no worries, this is just an author spotlight the review will be posted shortly. You have a great talent for storytelling. Thank you for sharing your gift.