Monday, November 28, 2016

How do you find comfort?

Now that Thanksgiving is officially over when can move on to my favorite holiday and season!!! ( que the Christmas tunes) With so much going on in the world we all seek comfort in different ways. For me its in a good book, song or even just friends and family. Remember back in the day it was all those Chicken Soup for the Soul books? Although they were a little cheesy all the stories had meaning and made you feel a little better. Once December hits all I want to do is curl up and read!!! It's always nice just to loose yourself in someone else life or my favorite a good h.e.a. Yea, I know life is tough but that's the point of a good fiction/romance. 

Dealing with the loss of loved ones and the holidays we all cling to something that brings us comfort. So what’s your comfort book or go to thing? For me it’s certain authors like Maureen Smith, I know I can always count on her for some good AA romance or Kristen Ashley who offers up a Colorado style alpha male. 

Although I have been seriously neglecting my blog, I have a few upcoming reviews and will be sharing some posts from other AA bloggers. 


  1. I love Kristen Ashley for escape reading too. I also like to go back and read some old school bodice rippers every once in a while. Another favorite are really long fantasy books that suck me into a world so different from reality that I can really get lost in it. I look forward to discovering some new AA bloggers when you feature them! Happy holidays girlie!

    1. Happy Holidays Monica! I cannot wait to see your Christmas haul of books you are soon to discover :)