Monday, October 3, 2016

Craigslist Lover By Ancelli

Do you believe in divine interventions?

McKenzie O'Sullivan was in a dark place in life. Each day she lived in survival mode not knowing if her husband Wayne would come home in a good or bad mood. Everything she hoped and dreamed of was taking away by the one man that promised to love her until death do them part.

Everything happens for a reason, right? What would you do if you had no way out, and nothing to lose? Would you take a chance and risk it all? A personal classified changed McKenzie's life forever, but does she really know who "is" behind the screen? Or is it just her loneliness believing everything written on her shattered heart.

WARNING: This book contains adult content and violence.

About The Author:

I married my best friend, the love of my life, we have two beautiful daughters, and I love serving my country. On my spare time, I love scribbling and making my words come to life. I love writing romance stories about couples that go through trials and come out stronger. Love is never easy, but it's worth all the hard work. I would like to hear your opinion whether good or bad, you can leave your comments at or visit my Facebook page

When I read the title of the book Craigslist Lover I honestly was put off. I didn’t know what to expect my mind went to the true life story of the Craigslist Killer. But you know the saying, “you can’t judge a book by its cover” well in my case you can’t judge a book by its title. This story is so much deeper than just someone searching for online affection. McKenzie needed Tee (Toby) he gave her a freedom that she never would have found on her own. Going back to that name Toby in my mind I had to just call him by the name he gave online because that name was just awful.

This story was an emotional read and discusses the issues of domestic violence. Usually you read these stories and authors just touches the surface but Ancelli did push herself in this book and you see her growth as an author. The author explores the emotional side of domestic violence from both sides. McKenzie’s ex was a real piece of work but as you read the story you find more about his character and his emotional issues. Redemption is offered but it is a long road ahead. Also, readers you get to see some old characters from the author’s previous series.

Now don’t get me wrong this story isn’t all drama it’s a love story and as McKenzie and Tee develop a relationship we realize that they are really saving each other. The mother in-law added a bit of sass to the story. I will say that for me the story kind of drug on for a little bit and at times was frustrating e.g. she lashes out when the offer of emotional help is brought up, he leaves to get himself together, all of the texting, and some situations I felt were brought up was just added unnecessary drama.  This wasn’t my favorite story from the author but it does show how far her work has come. I don’t know what it was but I had a hard time finishing the story. Although, I am glad I did because the h.e.a. was well worth it. One of the biggest things that I loved about this story is that everyone came full circle. There wasn’t one issue that was brought up that wasn’t dissolved by the end of the story. I will say that there were minor issues with the story such as editing. One of my biggest pet peeves is when people say that someone did a complete 360 well it’s actually a 180. In the case of McKenzie’s ex the author said he did a 360 well if he did that he would be the same abusive monster so he did a 180 and got help and became a better father. I know, I know, silly it’s just one of those grammar things that drive me crazy. All in all although this wasn’t one of my favorite’s the author did do a great job writing about an issue that she feels passionate about. Please judge this book for yourselves and not based on this one review. 

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