Tuesday, September 6, 2016

The Protector By Jodi Ellen Malpas

JEM is the Queen of writing the tortured alpha-male and Jake is no exception. He has a lot of demons, ex-military with ptsd and no reason to move forward except for his job as a bodyguard. To be honest Jake is a mess. If he isn’t drunk he is with whatever flavor of the week. His past has ruined him and haunts him daily. He gets the call to be a bodyguard for this one case involving a rich brat (or so he thinks) but one look at her face he is battling whatever emotion she evokes in him.

Camille is fiery she is the complete opposite of what Jake thinks. She has a dream and an ex who is a druggie and abusive. Wanting nothing do with her father’s fortune or the mistakes of her past, Camille sets out to make a way for herself and nowhere in those plans was to fall in love with Jake.

So, this is one of those insta-love, insta-crazy type of stories. I will say that Camille doesn’t just give into Jake’s charms. She drives him crazy and I loved her little tests she put him through. At times Camille could be a little petty just to make Jake mad. I found the “lingerie” scene very funny. I did want more of an explanation to why these two were together besides just the physical attraction.

Jake’s character is very complex especially with the secrets he carried. And it kind of made me a little annoyed because he was ready to lay down tooth and nail for Camille but for reasons he can’t explain but not face his past? I didn’t really feel the connection between the two characters they barely have a conversation and when they do it’s him being broody and her with her Elvis sneer. The angle with her father and the case dragged on and kind of fizzled. One thing that made this story for me was Abbie and Charlotte. I will say that this book does have the element of suspense. A few parts left me confused i.e. in one scene Jake is going to meet Abbie and it’s all planned out but Camille asks where he is going. Then the next page she all of a sudden knows where he is going and all the details? For such a young age Charlotte has a good grasp on things and is very articulate. I did like the ending of the book I thought it was really sweet. This book wasn’t my favorite by JEM. There were parts that I enjoyed but overall it kind of dragged on. Please judge this book for yourselves and not based on this one review. 

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