Friday, September 30, 2016

Blog Updates

So on my blog I have a link for reviews/author spotlights etc. Well I had no idea until I checked my spam folder that I have gotten so many requests. I apologize to all the authors who wanted to send an arc or just wanted promo that I never got back to. While I am reviewing less these days I don't mind doing an author spotlight for upcoming releases. Now that I have fixed the "spam" issue I promise to get back with you.

I have a few more arcs to work through ( a previous commitment) and then I will be focusing more on promo. Not that I still wont be reading I will just be reviewing less. And I know, I know reviews help authors ( and I am not saying that when I get a book I wont review) its just that life happens and I haven't had much time to actually sit down a read. 

On another note I recently got picked to judge a few books for an upcoming contest ( more details coming soon) Any-who thanks for rocking with me.



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