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So on my blog I have a link for reviews/author spotlights etc. Well I had no idea until I checked my spam folder that I have gotten so many requests. I apologize to all the authors who wanted to send an arc or just wanted promo that I never got back to. While I am reviewing less these days I don't mind doing an author spotlight for upcoming releases. Now that I have fixed the "spam" issue I promise to get back with you.

I have a few more arcs to work through ( a previous commitment) and then I will be focusing more on promo. Not that I still wont be reading I will just be reviewing less. And I know, I know reviews help authors ( and I am not saying that when I get a book I wont review) its just that life happens and I haven't had much time to actually sit down a read. 

On another note I recently got picked to judge a few books for an upcoming contest ( more details coming soon) Any-who thanks for rocking with me.



Thursday, September 29, 2016

Meeting the Unpredictable By Riann C. Miller

Title: Meeting the Unpredictable
Author: Riann C. Miller
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: September 29, 2016


What happens when opposites attract?

Tyler has spent the last six years constructing his perfectly boring life, which is exactly the way he wants it. He spends his days hiding behind the protective walls he has so carefully built and has no intentions of changing . . . until he meets the unpredictable.

Lennie Jacobs is an intoxicating mess. She never stays anywhere long enough to form a solid relationship with anyone, including her family, because she has taught her fragile heart that love isn’t an option.

What started as a way to pass the time soon blossoms into something neither expected.

He was never meant to be permanent.

She can’t promise forever.

But, when life and love are on the line, everything changes.

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“Why do you do this?”

“Do what?”

I roll my eyes and gesture to the dog she’s walking.

She looks down at the dog then back at me. “How could I not is the better question. Being locked up in the same small space day in and day out . . . I know that seems like a normal day to you, but to most people, it’s enough to drive them crazy.”

My step falters when I hear her answer. No one outside of Chad calls me out on how little I leave our apartment. Even Chad is starting to give up.

“These dogs are more than likely going to die, anyway.” Lennie turns a sharp stare my direction. “The reason these dogs won’t get adopted is because everyone wants the cute, shiny puppy. Most people won’t stop to notice that these dogs have a lot to offer the world. People just need to open their eyes and take a chance.”

I’ve apparently ignited a fire.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to upset you. My parents aren’t animal lovers so we never had a pet.”

Lennie tilts her head to the side. “Tyler, have you ever felt unconditional love?”

Her question causes my head to spin. I was in love once, only life didn’t work out how I pictured. The only thing I know for a fact is she didn’t unconditionally love me.

“Sure, my parents love me unconditionally,” I finally answer.

“What if you disagreed with them? If you told them you were gay or that you robbed a bank? That you killed someone? Would their love still be unconditional?”

I look her in the eyes, and I can tell she’s seriously questioning my answer. “I don’t know. I’d like to think they would.”

Her face softens. “Humans come with strings. They always have and they always will, but the love you get from an animal is truly unconditional.”

Author Bio

Riann C. Miller lives in southeast Kansas and writes steamy contemporary romance stories. When she’s not reading or writing, she spends time with her friends and family or you might catch her watching a baseball game with a beer in her hand.

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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Falling A Love Story By allyn lesley

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Book Title: Falling Author: allyn lesley Genre: Contemporary Romance/New Adult Release Date: September 27,, 2016 Hosted by: Book Enthusiast Promotions
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A good man falls seven times, But I’m far from a good man. I’ve got my own set of rules, And I never stray from them. I live by a simple set of guidelines and they’re easy to follow. But when Chelsea Robinson walked into my garage, The rules went out the door. Suddenly, I was falling. No, that's not right. It was more like a crash-landing, Because I sure as hell couldn't stop myself. And now, I’m still falling, Uncontrollably. For a woman I shouldn’t even want. But when love steps in, you have no option but to break your own rules.
“Knock knock.” “Who’s there?” “Anita,” Chelsea says, looking like the Cheshire Cat. Her low, satin-like voice is doing all kinds of things to my cock. I barely respond with, “Anita who?”Maybe I can cool down with a sip of water. My hand finds one of the bottled waters I’d pulled out from the refrigerator earlier. “Anita dick inside me!” she says, cracking up. Water comes flying from between my lips. Chelsea is beside me, cackling, and I’m choking. Did she just say she needs a dick inside her? I can’t catch my breath. I think about my next move. How much can I say?Fuck it. Might as well be upfront. Once I collect myself and put the bottle down, I catch and hold Chelsea’s gaze. “How about mine?” “What?” she whispers, leaning away from me in a hurry. I move closer to her as I’ve longed to do since we sat down. I have to touch her, and I settle on fingering a few of her long curls, twirling them around. I’m trying to collect myself and not come off as a desperate fool. I take in a few deep breaths to help me regain some of my composure. “I know where I’d like this to end, Chelsea.” Her tongue slips through her lips and moistens them. I move closer to her, breathing her in, and I do believe I could actually come right now. Mutual desire saturates the air as our eyes connect and our bodies lean in at the same time. Unable to decide where to touch again, my hands drop to her thighs, where her skirt is hiked up. Counting helps to calm me down. “I’ve been dying to see what’s under this thing since I saw you at the garage.” My hand slides up from her bare flesh to the edge of her skirt. She hesitates, even though her mouth opens. “Come on; you can tell me,” I prompt. “I’ve wanted to see more of this for the last two weeks.” Her hand travels up my arm then grips it. That’s all I needed to hear. I drag her over my lap so she’s straddling me. Her skirt rides up even more. All of her is exposed: gorgeous thighs and her more-than-handfuls ass cheeks. My hands get greedy, palming the body part—one of many—that has driven me wild since seeing her in those denim cut-offs. My finger trails down the thin strip of material that’s between her ass. “Mmm,” she hums. “Chels, you have to tell me to stop.” I give her an out, just in case she needs one. But she rubs her barely-covered pussy on me, and I take that as her answer. “I don’t want you to stop.”
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meet the author
allyn lesley writes real stories about real people. As a teen, allyn lost herself in the pages of some of Romance’s heavyweights, trusting that a happy ever after was just around the corner. In allyn’s own writing journey, as in life, she’s learned that people don’t always experience recovery and restoration after a fall. Her stories speak to the gritty side of life where the right choice isn't always easily identified and happiness not quickly gained.
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Friday, September 23, 2016


It’s so much going on in the world. Every day another senseless death of our brothers and sisters. My feelings are all over the place and range from hurt, confusion and just plain rage. One of my favorite quotes and one that I stand by is that when you pray move your feet. The time for action and standing up for what is right will always be NOW. So what are you doing to bring awareness? Voting, protesting, and complaining, what? I hear so much chatter that you should protest peacefully, or why is he kneeling BUT have yet to hear any positive feedback. This is not to bash anyone but to say that yes WE MATTER!!! I know there is so much more I could say but will let my positive actions, awareness and vote do all the talking. But for now I leave you with these images. 

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Hunter By Skylar Heart

Title: Hunter
Series: Broken Bad Boys #1
Author: Skylar Heart
Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance 
 Release Date: September 22, 2016



I should have known he was trouble when I watched him drive his motorbike onto campus, leaving a trail of people whispering as he made his way into the Art Building.

Word around here is, he doesn’t date. So why do his eyes keep roving over me? Why does he want to talk to me?

Rumor has it, Hunter’s good at two things: making art, and getting into fights. I love art, but I can’t stand violence. I’ve been on the receiving end of it too many times.

My life is simple, it needs to be if I want to graduate and keep my eating disorder at bay… I sleep, I eat, I go to class and I definitely Do. Not. Date. 

So why do I want him to hold me in his strong arms and cradle me to his broad chest? 


She’s like a spooked little mouse. Not my type at all. Until she looked up at me and I was caught in her azure eyes.

But I won’t let her get close. In the last four years, I’ve lost everyone I’ve ever loved. I will never trust anyone ever again. The second I do, I’ll find myself alone again. So, what’s the use?

So I create big metal installations, I go to class when I feel like it, I drink and get into fights at the bar.

I have to stay away from Lizzy, because my darkness will only make hers worse. I know I have to, but that isn’t what my heart wants. When I see the pain in her eyes, I can’t resist her. I want to help her, touch her… 

Own her.

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Author Bio

Skylar Heart loves sexy romances and has a particular soft spot for broken boys and their damaged girls. When she’s not reading or writing steamy stories, she loves to nap with her two cats, preferably under a fluffy blanket, and play videogames. She has studied literature and creative writing but often finds that the couple of classes she took on coding is much more of a help in this new adventure as an author.

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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

All The Broken Pieces By Anna Paige

Title: All the Broken Pieces
Series: Broken #3
Author: Anna Paige
Genre: Contemporary Romantic Suspense
Release Date: September 19, 2016


How far would you be willing to go for someone you love?

For Lauren Caldwell, the answer was: as far as necessary. She had done what she had to do to protect the one person who meant the most to her in the world—her uncle. She wasn’t proud of herself, but in the end, she had protected him just as he’d always protected her. A year later, a year of being ostracized in the small Virginia town she called home, she found herself helplessly watching her worst nightmare unfold.
She was alone.
Until a stranger became a friend who became the glue that might finally piece together the jagged fragments of her life, of her heart.

How far would you be willing to go for someone you love?

Brant Matthews never wanted to fall in love again; he had worked diligently to avoid emotional entanglements at all costs. He knew what it was to lose the one you loved, to fail them so irrevocably that the entire trajectory of your life shifted. But seeing the broken look in Lauren’s crystal-blue eyes, feeling that old pain flare anew and knowing from experience exactly how much she was hurting… he never stood a chance. She had him, whether she was ready to accept that or not.
And when her childhood tormentor set his sights on her once more, Brant knew exactly how far he would go to keep her safe.
He would die for her or kill for her.
There would be no middle ground.

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Anna Paige

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Fools Gold By Natalie E. Wrye

Title: Fool's Gold
Series: Kisses and Crime
Author: Natalie E. Wrye
Genre: Erotic Romance/Romantic Mystery & Suspense
Cover Design: Alivia Anders, White Rabbit Book Design  
Release Date: September 29, 2016


Say hello to Dani.

Is this your first time meeting her?

Good. This is Dani’s first time meeting her, too.

Daniela Bishop has everything to live for.

A beautiful loft in the south of France. A gorgeous albeit brooding husband who looks at her as if she’s his last meal.

Too bad she doesn’t remember any of it.

A life she never knew with a lover she doesn’t recognize?

It couldn’t get any worse… until it does.

Married to a man with secrets darker than his Greek god-like features, Dani will do anything to piece together the life of her husband, Bishop (no first name), and subsequently her own.

But when memories masquerading as nightmares come back to show her the real truth about her life, her family and her love, Daniela must come to grips with a past that is nothing like it seems… and an unknown life she may end up dying for.


Most people enjoy the sound of rain; they find it calming.

I am not one of those people.

For some reason, the rain has never given me peace.

The sound of water, slow, steady and rhythmic, parades through my bedroom, making it pulsate, and I wake from a deep sleep, reaching my hands across the mattress—searching…

What I’m searching for, I have no idea… but my hands pause when they feel emptiness—nothing.

Just the coolness of the bedspread.

Just the solace of an empty spot.

I feel cold—inexplicably so, and when I turn over to face the window, I see a cloudy sky, scarlet curtains…

And no rain.

Not a single drop from the sky, at least as far as I can tell. The windows seem to be heavily fogged.

But maybe not…

I take a closer look.

A thin film is outstretched over the poorly framed glass, making my vision feel murky.

Grey light filters in through its thin layer, and at this point, I can’t even tell if the sun is shining.

But I can still hear the rain.

Not on the outside, no.

It’s inside somehow, trickling just beyond my bedroom wall.

I sit up straight, bracing my open palms on my bedroom pillows when it occurs to me that the pillows aren’t mine.

In fact, as I take closer look at the bed sheets, I slowly realize… I’ve awakened in a bed that isn’t even mine…

What the flying fuck…

I vault out of the bed, practically diving sideways, as if it were on fire.

A single tumble and my bare feet land on the cold ground near the edge of the bed, simultaneously pacing, taking in the remainder of the room with sluggish eyes and an unsettled mind.

I don’t recognize the silk robe caressing my shoulders. I’ve never before felt the floor rug beneath my feet.

Nothing is familiar. None of it.

Not the room. Not its two rust-colored doors. Definitely not the high ceilings, nor the darkened hardwood floors.

I seem to have gone asleep in one world and awakened in another.

Where the fuck am I, and how in the hell did I get here?

I walk over to the doors, but oddly they won’t open. I walk across the room to stand in front of the thick glass separating me from the world, and I realize that everything around me—the buildings, the people, the marketplace just outside…

I don’t recognize any of it.

And I’m all alone.

How did this happen?

Everything, everyone, appears to be moving in sync, in a motion that speaks of everyday life.

It seems like a normal goddamned day for the rest of the world… but not for me.

I am the oddity.

I press my forehead against the hazy glass, prepared to scream, and just when I start to… the rain that seems to pulsate in the room just stops.

The sound of heavy footsteps follows in its wake, matching the thundering of my now pumping heart—a heart that seems to have leapt between my ears, beating with a panicky pace.

I see the doorknobs turn and through one of the two closed doors, a man enters the room, naked from the waist up, a white towel in one hand and another wrapped near his navel.

And in that instant, my mind goes numb.

He is gorgeous beyond fucking belief.

Gold-green eyes peek beneath a darkly soaked head of hair, and he looks straight at me—his hazel irises expectant, one strong arm outstretched as he dries the wet mane that drips onto his naked shoulders.

Strong broad shoulders.

Shoulders that sit upon a body made of cream-colored stone.

The look in his eyes is intense, and he stares at me as if he is incapable of doing anything else.

I don’t know why… but it thrills me, sets my senses ablaze… and scares me half-to-fucking-death.

Gorgeous or not, this is the guy—the man from last night’s dream… and I have no fucking clue who he is.

Author Bio

Natalie Wrye is a math geek by day, writer by night. She is a single, former Yankee living in Northwest Georgia with nothing but her Friends and Gilmore Girls reruns to keep her company. Natalie started writing nonsensical stories at the ripe age of 6; she hopes things have changed since then. She loves chocolate, cuddly things, and large libraries. Oh...and she thinks it's pretty cool to talk in 3rd person.

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Monday, September 19, 2016

Amore By Author Bella Jewel

Title: Amore Part 1
Author: Bella Jewel
Genre: Mafia Romance 
 Release Date: September 19, 2016


“It is not love that defines us, Julietta. It is love that destroys us.”

I’m just a normal girl.
Or so you would think.
I’ve never thought of myself as anything different.
Until I met him.
He doesn’t think I’m normal.
He thinks I’m special.
Special enough to be in his life.
Special enough to enter his world.
Special enough for his bed.
Rafael Lencioni. Dangerous. Beautiful. Terrifying.
My story is the one that’s never told.
I’m not the daughter.
I’m not the wife.
I’m not a sister or a mother.
I'm not his enemy and I'm not his friend.
I’m not who you think I am.
So for me to fit into their world, I have to do something I never wanted in my life.
Something I would have frowned upon until I met him.
I have to change who I am.
I have to shut down my heart.
I have to accept my place.
My body belongs to him.
My heart isn’t permitted to.
Those are his rules.
But rules were made to be broken…right?

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Author Bio

Bella Jewel is a self published, USA Today bestselling author. She’s been publishing since 2013. Her first release was a contemporary romance, Hell’s Knights which topped the charts upon release. Since that time, she has published over five novels, gaining a bestseller status on numerous platforms. She lives in North Queensland and is currently studying editing and proofreading to further expand her career. Bella has been writing since she was just shy of fifteen years old. In Summer 2013 she was offered an ebook deal through Montlake Romance for her bestselling modern day pirate series, Enslaved By The Ocean. She plans to expand her writing career, planning many new releases for the future.

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I love when an author steps outside their comfort zone and tackles a new genre or writes a story that hasn’t been told. Bella Jewel (whom I love) new release Amore tackles a very touchy subject matter it’s the story of the side chick well in the mob world a “goomar” (mob mistress). Now, now before you get all upset and write the story off it’s a very complex story and goes a lot deeper than just cheating. Rafael is the Don and as a representation of status a lot of made men have goomar’s. It’s the “norm” where they are from. But what of these kept women? Many don’t hear about their stories or how they came into the life until now.

Rafael has a wife Maria who is the ideal traditional Italian woman. She knows the life and what is expected of her. She knows her role and plays it well. Because she is silent and dutiful many disregard her but you know what they say it’s always the quiet ones you have to worry about.

Rafael is an alpha male. He lives life by his own rules and every decision is calculated. Julie (the goomar) has her own life. She is a nurse and a fire cracker. I struggled with her character because she was so back and forth with Rafael. One moment she was giving him the business (telling him off) and the next she was weak for him. On one hand I hated her weakness for him and loved that she would blow up any moment and embarrass him.

 He has two rules: Never fall in love with him, and no one can know who he is, or what he does. Simple right? Let’s just say this story isn’t the average he falls for the side chick story and they live happily ever after. It’s so complex with plenty of twists and turns that you won’t see coming. Every character has a purpose and fits into this puzzle somehow. I know, I know it ends on a cliffhanger but the author promises it won’t be long before the next one is released. And honestly with that explosive cliff hanger I am waiting impatiently for the follow-up.

Now you know it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t discuss some of the issues I had with the story. Rafael claims he is only married to Maria out of obligation so that she will bear him children. But, when he is with Julie he sleeps with her unprotected. And follows up with the, “I’m clean and are you on birth control”? Umm…how can you be trying for kids with your wife and sleeping with Julie unprotected? I did love the contrast of his relationship to Julie and that of his wife. The author doesn’t make his wife out to be a villain. It’s a great mix of blurring the lines of wrong and right. You might be surprised whose side you end up on while reading this book.

Although Julie annoyed me it was hard to understand the pull he had over her. I know he likes her challenging ways but we got rare glimpses of them being together as a couple only the intimate parts. I didn’t understands Julie’s thought process why would she confront her father? Hasn’t she been lying as well? And if you are leaving why go somewhere they can find you so easily? One thing I will say is that Julie is a runner she will state her case and leave. This story had some funny moments with Julie and her friend Cecilia. But with that being said it was a lot of WTF moments as well that left me scratching my head. This story had some crazy plot twists and turns. Readers please judge this book for yourselves and not based on this one review.