Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Deeper: Descent: The Deeper Chronicles By allyn lesley

I have been sitting on this little jewel for a minute now. But life happens and I am just catching up on all my reviews. Allyn Lesley is back with her second installment in the Deeper Chronicles. One of the things that a lot of authors could learn from this one is that when you do a series and there is a gap of time between this story and the next give readers a little synopsis or a catch up to refresh us. I know you could just re-read the last story but I so appreciated before reading this story a catch up on all the important elements to prepare me for what’s to come.

Now on to the story this second installment gets a little bit deeper into Noah’s pass. I enjoyed the flashback scenes they were a little dark and added an additional element to the story. i.e. Noah’s father and his troubled past.  In the first story Avi sort of annoyed me because she was so na├»ve. But I think being with a man like Noah ( they don’t call him the King of N.Y. for nothing) has opened her eyes. He is a man with many secrets and most are to protect her from the man he has become. As a reader you get a little more insight into their relationship. With this book the author does a good job of mixing suspense in with the romance aspect. Avi and Noah have a lot thrown their way especially from outside sources. Once secrets are revealed will their love be strong enough to withstand? Summer is right around the corner and this book is definitely a great beach read. Please judge this book for yourself and not based on this one review. 

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  1. Coco,

    Oh wow. Thank you for your kind thoughts and honest view of my work. :) Book three is back from the editor and it'll be tweaked to add the elements you've spoken to me about *hint hint* lol. Again, my thanks.