Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Beyonce Lemonade

I know it has been so much hype surrounding Beyonce's visual debut of her newest album Lemonade. With all the articles, memes, opinion pieces I honestly have nothing to add except seeing this concert in person was life changing! Its one thing to listen and watch the album but seeing it in person added another layer of in your face realness. The spoken word, dances, costumes and the feeling of empowerment can only describe her concert. One of the many things I loved is that she highlights authors I have never heard of before. Lately I have been reading rupi kaur, "milk and honey." This book of poems are phenomenal. If you haven't heard of this author look her up I promise you wont be disappointed. On another note I know its many of haters and naysayers but for me this album Lemonade was everything!

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