Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Way Back Wednesday

So I completely got this idea from fellow blogger @monica reeds She has this piece on her own blog called throwback Thursday. Which is where she posts old school books. When I was in undergrad one of the things that the girls and I loved to do was discuss books that really touched us. I mean we had some very lively discussions especially if that book turned into a movie. i.e Their Eyes Were Watching God You couldn’t tell us we all didn’t want a man like Tea Cake.

The point is that these “old school” books spark emotion and have the good feeling sentiment. Below I have posted an old school book Flyy Girl By: Omar Tyree. I read this book actually in high school and let me tell you this book got passed around on the bus several times. I mean Tracy was something else. The type of chick that many called ride or die and stayed fresh while doing it. List some books for you below that are what I call way back!

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