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Trapped In His World By Roxy Sinclaire

Author Bio:

Roxy Sinclaire writes steamy, suspenseful romantic stories as the main genre, and this includes a variety of different topics. Some of these include dark romances, action packed romances, mafia romances, and many more. She currently works in customer relations in New York City, but is trying to fulfill her passion in writing and eventually have her dream job become a reality.

Author website:

“Where is your boss, by the way? You said you invited him.” I would like to see him so I could get a slight idea of what I will be in for Monday morning.
“He is around here somewhere. I spotted him earlier. Turn around, you’re up.”

I gasp and whirl around. Crap! It’s my turn to walk all by myself, with all eyes on me. It sure seems a long way, now that it’s actually time for me to make the journey. I gulp and tighten my fingers around the lovely bouquet in my hands. I’m surprised I haven’t crushed it. I take a deep breath and step forward. All eyes are trained on me as I walk slowly down the passage. Please don’t fall, please don’t fall, I chant. My heart is going a thousand beats per minute. I groan inwardly as I notice the lascivious once-over glances that are thrown my way from a few of the male guests. I finally come to the end of my walk to stand beside the other bridesmaids. I let out a low relieved breath and turn to watch my best friend walk down the aisle, accompanied by her father.

I smile when she meets my gaze and winks. I sneak a peek at the groom. He is looking at his approaching bride with stars in his eyes. I am hit with a feeling of longing. When will a man look at me with so much love? The right man for me has to be out there somewhere. I just need to be patient. I sigh inwardly. Patience has never been my strong suit. The perfect man could be among the guests here this afternoon. I scan the crowd idly. As if by a magnetic pull, my gaze locks with mesmerizing blue. My breath hitches in my chest. The man looking at me is incredibly good-looking. As a matter of fact, he is gorgeous. He stares at me with a burning intensity that causes my toes to curl in my strappy heels. I feel flushed, yet the way he looks at me causes me to shiver. My gaze lowers to the perfectly manicured hand placed possessively on his arm. Standing beside him is a tall, stunning blonde. She looks like a supermodel.

Laying eyes on his gorgeous companion, the trance that I seemed to be in quickly breaks. I shake my head slightly and return my attention to Chloe. I’m surprised to see that she has already reached the altar and is standing next to her groom. I quickly move to adjust the train of her gown behind her. I make a terrible maid of honor. I wasn’t even paying attention to the bride. I try to ignore the mysterious man’s presence, but I can’t forget how his eyes bore into me and the fact that he looks like a Greek god. I can still feel his eyes on me and I am tempted to look back at him, but I fight the urge. I wonder who he is. He must be a friend of Seth’s. If he were a part of Chloe’s circle, I’m sure I would have noticed him before. The man is pretty hard to miss.

I listen as Chloe and Seth recite their vows, and my heart melts at how they stare into each other’s eyes lovingly. The mysterious man creeps into my mind. What would it be like to have someone like him stare lovingly into my eyes? I’m utterly sure I would swoon. But that can never happen. The blonde beside him would make sure of that. He is way out of my league anyway. I could never land a man like him. “I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride.” The priest’s voice penetrates my thoughts. I blink. Wow, the ceremony is over already? I spent the whole time thinking about a man whose name I don’t even know.

Recently Author Roxy Sinclaire reached out to me to read and review her book Trapped In His World. You all know that I love discovering new authors. Let me preface this review by saying that to write is truly a talent. I honestly don’t know how authors do it! Sharing your work with the world and offering it up for judgement is tough. I appreciate each and every author for their work because you took the time to write something that you believe in and one review good or bad does not make or break your work. An “unfavorable” review is not an attack it’s just that as one reader certain themes/concepts were problematic for me. Remember reviews are just opinions not the gospel. And you know what that say about opinions!


Her life was nothing she planned for it wasn’t even what she would wish for on her worst enemy. Moving to the big city from N.C. she has a degree but like most her degree hasn’t helped her and bills seem to be the only thing coming her way. Chole her best friend offers her a job as a temp for her boss while she is vacation on her honeymoon. Signing on the work for the broody and very private Jason Black things are going to get very interesting and quick. Little does she know this is more than a job it’s about to irrevocably change her life forever.
Jason Black…

What can I say about Jason? He has deep seated issues with sex and women. Very private and deeply troubled it is something about Navia that has drawn him closer to her. Not being able to get her out of his mind Jason goes further than he has ever been with any woman. Could Navia be the woman to change the mysterious Jason Black?

This book is a dark read and explores the themes of bdsm. Navia and Jason meet at Chole’s wedding and are instantly drawn to each other. It doesn’t take them long to develop a sexual relationship with each other. This isn’t the issue my problem lies with when you are entering in a bdsm relationship or even writing about it you have to be very careful because at times this didn’t feel like a consensual relationship. Navia seemed as though she did all the things he liked to do and allowed herself to be used and abused because she just wanted a man. The author doesn’t dig deep into their relationship until nearly the end of the book. And the bomb dropped about Jason and his mother was explosive. I felt like this book had some good concepts it just needed to be explored more. It was too short and fell a little short for me in certain areas especially their relationship. As a reader I never understood why they were drawn to each other except sexually but nothing of any depth. She had more in common with the worker she met at the job than Jason. I felt at times I was reading about a very co-dependent relationship that was very toxic. And when Navia finally stands up for herself she caves and goes back to this relationship. But why? Nothing is fully explored or fleshed out. And the ending? It just seemed rushed honestly. This book wasn’t my cup of tea. And I don’t discourage readers. If you enjoy a quick dark read please one click this book. This review is based on one reader’s opinion. Please judge this book for yourselves and not based on this one review.

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