Thursday, January 7, 2016

What is Diversity?

Recently an author friend of mine presented me with this opportunity to blog for another website a few blog posts  here and there. Granted this certain opportunity wasn't through her personally but something she stumbled upon. Of course I am so down for anything to network and share my oh so fabulous opinion! Well long story short these people were looking to diversify ( there is that word people love to use often). So I reached out and of course like many people who throw out that word "diversity" it means many things to many different people. If I had time and thought people cared I would tell you what diversity isn't!!!! But a long story short diversity isn't lip service its inclusive you cant pick and choose what it is and then exclude the very same people you claim you support.

I open this up to readers, authors, twitter followers: " what does diversity mean to you?"


  1. Oh, this topic. Imo diversity = inclusion

    It means representing society as it is. A wide array of people being represented in media. Books, TV, Film, Blogs etc.

  2. To me diversity means a truer reflection of the world (not just a particular country where one is from) and most importantly, diversity looks NOTHING like what the media purports as the norm (i.e.: heterosexual white thin female or male).

  3. Thank you ladies! As authors I am sure you see a lot of this issue in the author world. People say "diverse " but only show one mode of it i.e. thin, blond,etc. The media and sadly now authors have a distorted view of what inclusion means. You can't say you want to be diverse and exclude anything that's different or just gently brush the border of diversity. It's time for us to take a stand.