Monday, January 18, 2016

Coming Soon

Recently some stuff went down on another bloggers page. I consider this person a friend and being friends doesn't always mean you agree on everything (which we dont she claims I dont like much). Anyway the point is you dont have to always agree with another persons opinion but you need to be respectful especially if its someones personal blog. I know when you post anything it is open to public opinion and criticism follows BUT what you wont do is come into someones private space and be disrespectful and down right rude. Every time I think of the nasty comments from FB groupies/trolls whatever minions is a better word I get pissed. I will be going into more detail about this topic later: FB groups, negative comments, what happened to the IR genre? I need to gather my thoughts and make sure I hit this right on the head. Oh and the comment section will be taken down on that post. Because frankly what I saw in this other bloggers comment section was down right petty and frankly proved her point on why she personally decided to leave groups not why you should. I have left many FB groups myself not because I don't support authors but  because I don't support bullies. Its amazing that these "grown" women after one of their minions brings back someones post automatically thinks its about them. Really?! How is a generalize statement about one persons experience in groups reflect any group as a whole? Must be feeling guilty because no names were mentioned.

Whats so funny is that the post about this blogger leaving FB groups was shared over 200 times. Really?! If you have ever checked the blog you would have seen that the blogger is one of few that advocates and pushes IR romances. But you are stuck on one post I am sure you were trolling about on and call her blog negative, oh and this is what kills me trash the blogger privately in your groups and tell every author you know to not eff with her? But your FB groups aren't petty and nothing like what was described as to why the blogger decided to leave FB groups in the first place.

Seriously?! The IR genre is been flooded with authors who want to cash in and you alienate one of the few bloggers who go hard for genre? I think the funniest post I saw was from a "flunky" claiming the blogger should stay away and that her blog was whack. Umm...if its so whack why you up here? People behind  message boards are so funny and spiteful. You think someone is incorrect in their thinking say that. But you don't get to decide or have a say so in how someone stands or lives in their truth. If you have bothered to read the article it didn't mention any group just one persons experience.

Ask me if anyone cares that she is blocked from said groups she was never a part of ? While you were sharing and trashing her more people came and liked her blog and even her FB page. So guess what devil?! You loose yet again.

Damn this was supposed to only highlight my upcoming posts but I think my emotions got the better of me and my thoughts just came out.

Anyway on a positive note I am starting the Outlander series which I am so excited about it has been on my t.b.r. list for way too long.

P.S. negative comments will be deleted.


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  2. These gifs!!! LOL, too much.

    You are awesome CoCo. Awesome.

  3. CoCo-you is truthful, you is funny, and you is FIERCE! That gif slayed me this morning!