Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Public Opinion & Notice

Let me just be clear I love books are read across all genres but what I don’t read is fetish, alien, and books that have no plot just a bunch of “mommy porn.” I like what I like and for that I am unapologetic. I am sure there is an audience for such books I am just not it. I learned a good lesson with just accepting arcs. I honestly cannot endorse everything it wouldn’t be honest which is why I have been doing more promo’s then reviewing as of late. I am not saying I am not reviewing or beta reading anymore just that I am being more discerning. On my blog I list my likes and dislikes so if you feel your books meets my aesthetic please send me a request.

The books I have been seeing in mass production titles are so crazy I don’t even know how authors can even seriously publish them. I won’t list any of the titles on here but anything with a “color” in the title with some sort of sexual expletive is not my type of book. It’s a fetish plan and simple. Now I don’t judge people who buy these books but they aren’t for me.

I understand that most people write these days to turn a dime and not for the love of it anymore. But really are we releasing fetish books and I use the term books loosely because they are more like pamphlets for the little bit of content. 

Another thing that I have been noticing are reviewers who endorse anything for a free book. Listen, I cannot will not pimp myself out for a book. I have always paid for my books and will continue to pay for them. Going into 2016 I will be on a reviewing hiatus for awhile. I urge real authors with content not those who are jumping on the tyrannical Amazon easy publish bandwagon to take back your craft. Dont let these newbies who not all have no talent, unedited books sway you from your craft. I like many bloggers are begging for good reads. With the recent rise of fake reviews and a mob of fan girls who if you state any opposition are on the attack, who in the world would want to review? Its a sad state but I am hopefully that 2016 will be a better reading year.




  1. Let the church say AMEN!!! This is why I cut out doing review requests. The shit I was getting was insulting to me as a black woman, and I agree that there are a lot of "authors" in the game to make a quick buck as well as the "reviewers" and bloggers in it to cop a free read.

    I love your declaration: Authors, take back your craft. But many, authors, regardless of genre and content, tend to form a united front and it then becomes an author vs reader/blogger situation.

    I announced on my Goodreads feed that I would be more open-minded to reading different kinds of books, with the exception of certain genres or titles, but that would not prevent me from going in when I read some flagrant nonsense.

    1. You know I always love your reviews especially your conversational take on certain books. Being opened minded about different books? I am proud of you for that and always have some good recommndations.

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    1. Monica Reeds did you notice my upcoming read?

  3. *raises hands* girl! I'm so down with what you are saying! love the new look too :)