Monday, December 7, 2015

Country Hearts: The Road Home By E. Harper Milam

Meet The Author:

E. Harper Milam wrote her first novel at the age of six to critical (motherly) acclaim and she’s been writing and reading ever since.  She is the author of Country Hearts: The Road Home and the upcoming Some Bitter Some Sweet. She writes across a broad range of genres including multi-cultural romance, dystopian fiction, science fiction and erotica. She lives in Kansas City with her husband and dreams of a farm.
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Book Synopsis:

Can an up and coming country singer with a painful past hold the attention of a free spirit who wants it all? Or will she head for the hills and take her heart with him?

Ladies we all know the holidays are upon us and during this season I know I get extra sappy. I love a good love warm and fuzzy love story no drama just two people meeting and that magical moment happens (told you very sappy). I had the pleasure of reading Country Hearts: The Road Home by E. Harper Milam. This is an IR book about two individuals randomly meeting and connecting. Mia has the heart of gold and gives to all except when it comes to love she hasn’t had the best of luck. Wanting a day out with her friend Val they take a chance on this up and coming country band. Eric is a single father his heart is in becoming big in the country music scene.

These two have some issues and a lot to workout but they do know they want a relationship. But in order for that to work they have to learn to work together. Eric seemed a little selfish at times when it came to his music. It almost seemed like he put that above all else. I guess that’s why Mia was perfect for him. She knew the art of sacrifice and giving to those she loves. Although she kind of made herself a doormat at times their relationship worked because what one lacked the other had. Ladies take a chance and read a love story without drama just a feel good read. Granted this is a short story and I wanted more relationship development between the two characters. It felt as though the side characters storylines had a little more depth at times but all in all this was a good read and I am happy I took a chance on this new author. Please judge this book for yourselves and not based on this one review.  

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  1. I just purchased this based on your review! I love coming across new to me authors. Thanks CoCo! ;-)

    1. Thank you Harper Miller!!! Its time to out those Holiday gift cards to some use. lol

  2. I really liked this story too. Sometimes you want something really "uncomplicated" with a dose of romance and realism, and this was that kind of book. It had a real feel-good vibe to it, but I'm most looking forward to Val's (I think that's her name) story next. Now that one is going to be full of drama!

  3. Musings IRJ yes the friends story is going to be fire!!! With all her husband drama.