Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Until Jax By Aurora Rose Reynolds

First let me say that when I got an arc of this book I was elated. I love the Until Series with Uncle Nico being my favorite. I love that the author builds off each book and there is no lapse in between the stories so readers don’t get confused about what is going on.

Ellie wakes up after her horrific ordeal of being sold into sex slavery by her own mother. Jax doesn’t know why he is drawn to her but there is a connection he just cant seem to shake. Could it be her surviving what she did or her extreme will to live? Whatever it is he has recruited his family to help keep her in his life. But Ellie doesn’t come so easy. Although Jax has been a great help with her she comes with a lot of baggage including a sweet little baby Hope.

Jax being the Alpha male that he is thinks he can just order Ellie around and she will follow. Not hardly likely especially with his exes running around time.  I like the fact that although there is a lot of chemistry between these two the author allows their love to develop. Because this story deals with some serious subject matter Ellie and her diet added a bit of comedic relief.

I felt like this story was a little short for me and at times slow moving it was like I was waiting for something more to happen. I mean her predators are still out there. I wanted just a little more action going on. I did think this story laid some great foundation for more stories to come. There were a few breakout characters whom stories I cannot wait to read namely Sage. All in all I thought this was a good story it just needed a little more of actually story. Please judge this book for yourselves and not based on this one review. 

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